10 tips to keep your kid's bones strong.

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1. Consume milk products  - 

Every child knows that milk is rich in calcium and is essential for strengthening bones. 

This goes for all milk products, including cheese, yogurt and alike. 

If you don't like cow's milk, try soy milk enriched with calcium.

2. Add nuts to your diet  - 

Although milk has the highest ratio of calcium to volume, it is not the only source. 

Some nuts and seeds have handsome amounts of calcium. 

A 30 gram course of almonds contains 75mg of calcium, 30 grams of sesame seeds contains 37mg of calcium and sunflower seeds have 33mg of calcium.

3. Eat dark green vegetables  - 

Broccoli, Chinese cabbage, arugula, parsley, lettuce and others are excellent sources of calcium, and contain many additional health advantages. 

This will help you to also diversify your sources of calcium, which is important to maintain your health.

4. Take the right Vitamin A  - 

Vitamin A appears in two forms. 

The first is retinol, which appears in animal products, such as the liver. 

The second is beta carotene and it is the way the vitamin comes from plants, especially orange vegetables like carrot, squash or sweet potato. 

Studies have found that consuming too much of retinol vitamin A raises the risk of bone fraction, while vitamin A in its plant form, Beta Carotene, does not damage the bones.

5. Strengthen your bones with Vitamin K 

This vitamin helps activate 3 essential proteins that are crucial for bone health. 

As in the case of calcium that comes from green vegetables, vitamin K also comes from the same sources. 

Two daily helpings of green vegetables a day give the body as much as it needs.

6. Physical activity strengthens the bones  - 

Sorry, you knew this was coming and its of very little surprise. 

When we carry out a physical activity, we create pressure on our skeleton. 

While it is bad to overdo it, a moderate pressure is actually very health, as it sends the body signals to create more bone cells, increase the density and make it stronger. 

Operate the body with moderation, and don't go to far with it.

7. Eat fish 

100 grams of sardines contain an amazing amount of over 400mg of calcium! 

It's recommended to consume the fresh fish of course and not the canned variety. 

The little bones are also edible and contain a lot of calcium. Sardines, like the salmon, are also a great source of vitamin D.

8. Reduce your consumption of carbonated drinks and treats  - 

The acid that exists in some of the popular carbonated drinks  raises the amount of acid in the blood. 

To compensate, the body uses the body's minerals, including calcium. 

If the calcium is not readily available in the blood, the body will take it from the bones and this will hard the density and strength of the bone. 

There is no problem drinking them once in a while, but if they are a daily habit then you can do a lot of damage to your bones over time.

9. Avoidance measures  - 

Like a lot of other health problems, we return to smoking. 

Studies have shown that smoking harms bone density, as well as over consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

10. Resource allocation 

We must carry out our calcium consumption in a smart way. 

Our body absorbs calcium best when it is no more than 500mg at one time. 

So, if you are planning on consuming a large amount of calcium rich foods or drinks, try to perhaps divide the meal or eat again later, to make sure the body is able to absorb all you are giving it.

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