11 absolutely astounding festivals from across the globe.

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Every festival comes with it's peculiarity but lets admit, some of them are absolutely astounding in the manner in which gatherings of people come together to do strange things. Indulge in following..
1. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, China
People build incredible things out of ice and snow, decorating them with lights and lasers.
2. Carnaval, Brazil
Celebrated in Rio de Janeiro in February. This is sex and samba on a stick, drawing around a million people each year for its throbbing, four day-long festivities.
3. Burning Man, USA
Burning Man is where humans go to shed themselves of the conventions of society. If you want a break from the ordinary and can actually party 24/7, then head to the deserts of Nevada.
4. Holi Festival of Colors, India
Holi is an ancient Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil. People throw colored powder & water absolutely everywhere to spread cheer and share joy with everyone. It’s fun, safe, and free. Just remember to bring your own colors.
5. Tomorrowland , Belgium
Millions attending this festival, Tomorrowland has lately grown to become one of the world’s largest electronic dance music (EDM) festivals. Each year adding over 100,000 visitors who are flocking to Belgium to dance the day and night away.
Here’s the trailer of 2013 to this most maddening festivals of the recent times.
6. Mardi Gras, USA
In many ways Mardis Gras’ reputation precedes itself — if you are a party animal like there’s no tomorrow, New Orleans is where you belong. This 2 Weeks Celebrated festival ends one day before Ash Wednesday. 
7. Winter Light Festival – Kuwana City, Japan
With over 7 million LED lights, the Nabana No Sato botanical garden celebrates winter in the most elegant style. The park is powered by batteries charged with solar panels during the day, minimising the effect of the celebrations on the environment.
8. La Tomatina – Buñol, Spain
Legend has it that tomato throwing began in 1945 when locals pelted the vegetables at troublesome woodland creatures and missed, hitting each other. Each year tens of thousands of people descend on Buñol for La Tomatina, the culmination of a week-long celebration of Buñol’s patron saint. Now, in August, 20,000 revellers throw more than 150,000 tomatoes at each other in a single day, just for the heck of it.
9. Lantern Festivals – Asia
This Festival has been celebrated since ancient times on the 15th day of the first month in the lunisolar calendar. Those of Chinese and Vietnamese origin descend on temples, with thousands of lanterns embellished with complex but beautiful designs. At the end of the night, the lanterns fly away in a magnificent sight which symbolises letting go of your past self.
10.White Nights Festival – Saint Petersburg, Russia
This festival is celebrated during the arctic season when the sun is still visible at midnight. The Scarlet Sails, in which a ship with red sets sail along the Neva River, accompanied by fireworks, entertainers, and an audience of millions. The tradition began after World War II, when students united to celebrate the end of the school year.
11. Albuquerque International Balloon Festival — Albuquerque, USA
The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival is the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world with more than 750 hot air balloons assembling for 9 days of festivities.

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