12 Normal Indian Gestures That's Troublesome Overseas.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do . Heard that enough? For good measure, of course. Because if you continue to behave like you're in your own zone, you might run into some trouble. Say, for example, gestures. These common gestures in India might land you in a load of trouble abroad, as they can be downright insulting to the locals. Take a look. 

1. The 'rock on' sign has a different meaning in Italy, Brazil, Colombia and Spain.

2. A simple thumbs up will land you in trouble in Italy, Iraq, Greece and Russia.

3. In Vietnam, fingers crossed means something different.

4. A victory sign is not a victory sign in England and Australia.

5. 'Talk to the hand' symbolises 'go to hell' in Greece.

6. When in the UK, never raise your little finger.

7. Whoa!

8. Something as normal as eating with elbows on the table in India is considered rude in Mexico.

9. Sticking your tongue out is an insult in India. However, it's a sign of respect in Tibet.

10. Spitting is considered a blessing in Kenya.

11. Patting on the head is not cool in Buddhist countries.

12. This is how you call dogs in Philippines, Singapore and Japan.

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