12 Places In India Ideal To Explore On Two Wheelers.

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India is full of potholed roads, we admit. But then the thrill of taking a road-trip in the country and exploring the scenic beauty of India by road is unparalleled. What if we told you some of the cities in India are best viewed on a two-wheeler? Feeling the wind whistle past your helmet, the thrill of snaking through narrow lanes and twisty roads, zooming past trucks and cars...?
Some thrills of a two-wheeler can only be felt, not described. And when you combine a love for travel and a set of two wheels, the world is your oyster! But which cities can you explore on your favorite set of wheels? Read on to know!

1. South Mumbai, Mumbai

The never-ending expanse of sea, amazing Victorian architecture and open roads... South Mumbai is one of the best places within the city to explore on a two-wheeler. What's more, there are tons of eateries to stop by and hog at. Make sure you ride along Fort, and take in all the British architecture. Or if you're tired of riding, just stop your scooter by the sea, stop, breathe in the fresh sea air and take off again!

2. All of Goa

The scooter and bike capital of India. Seriously. If you visit Goa and travel any way other than by two-wheeler, then you don't deserve to be in Goa. The roads around Baga and Candolim are a riot with vacationers and locals zooming around on their two-wheelers. Getting a two-wheeler on rent in Goa is the easiest thing ever. Most of the locals rent them out. What's best? The petrol rates in Goa are cheap too! Ideal, isn't it?

3. Hampi, Vijaynagar

The little village of Hampi is one of the best places to explore on your scooter. It can save you a lot of trouble of walking, plus you can go along at your own pace and enjoy the ride with spectacular views. In fact, the temples of Hampi are a site to see while you're riding around. There are even many scooter renting stores right outside the ruins for you to hop on and explore. 

4. Chandni Chowk, Delhi

The tiny little lanes will enthrall you with the local seller wares, the crazy confusion of the city and its true colourful form. The roads and lanes are narrow enough to easily allow you to roam on your scooter and while you're in there, do not forget to sample the delicious parathas at Parathewali Galli! 

5. Ludara, Jaisalmer

While in Jaisalmer try taking your scooter from the Fort ruins to Ludara. On your way, stop by the sand dunes and take a short camel safari if you wish. Taking a scooter through the narrow lanes, you will be able to experience the real Rajasthani life. Do not forget to stop by a dhaba for some lip-smacking Rajasthani food!

6. Malleswaram, Bangalore

The go-to place for every Bangalorean for shopping, hanging out or just buying daily necessities. The road also houses some of the most popular malls and is honestly, the coolest place to hop on and explore on your scooter.

7. M.G Road, Pune

A delight for all foodies and people looking to chill their evenings, M.G Road is one of the most famous hangout places in the city of Pune. The roads are perfect to explore on a scooter as you can zoom past all the crowds, easily park by any stall, and basically enjoy yourself with friends.

8. Sector 1, Chandigarh

A beautiful tourist location in India, the wide roads, lots of spaces and sights like the Rock Garden make Chandigarh an ideal place to explore on a scooter. Traveling along Sector 1, you will get an idea of just how the city is and its touristy attractions. If you are a guy you can also try out the "gedi" route on your scooter. 

9. Park Street, Kolkata

'THE' hangout for everyone from Kolkata, Park Street is the most happening place in the city. Loved by the youth, hop onto your scooters and go exploring the intricacies of the gastronomic capital of the country!

10. Hill Road, Mumbai

Leading straight to the heart of Mumbai, Bollywood and beaches, Hill Road is one of the most popular roads for Mumbaikars. Whether it's the shopping, the chaat or the "crowd", Hill Road is just the place to explore on a scooter as it let's you navigate the crowds easily. Just park your scooter opposite Mannat or Sallu Bhai's house, and wave like crazy!

11. Janpath Market, Delhi

Another great shopping destination, Janpath offers great sights and fun for locals as well as tourists. Explore the place on your two wheels and discover new facets of the city! If you want to shop, pick up something for your family and stow it away under the scooter seat. 

12. Race Course, Coimbatore

A short ride along the race course on your two wheeler will let you experience the cool air, lots of trees, smiling faces and some quick roadside refreshments like soda or chips.

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