14 Dos and Don'ts if you're new to Gym work-out?

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New to the gym? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the basic dos and don’ts you need to know.

1. Eat a protein-rich snack two hours before you work out.

2. Wear deodorant! Nobody likes a stinky poo. 

3. Warm up your muscles before you start working out.

4. Wipe down the equipment before and after you use it.

5. Carry a water bottle and sip from it every five minutes or so.

6. Avoid jerky movements.

7. Put your weights back on the rack when you’re done with them.

8. Carry a towel to wipe up your sweat.

9. Stay home if you’re sick.

10. Don’t hog the equipment. 

11. Never try to lift more than you can handle. 

12. Chatting endlessly on your cell phone is strict no-no.

13. Don’t stare at others. It’s creepy. Very, very creepy.  

14. Don’t make a mess in the bathroom.

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