14 Little Habits That'll Make Your Life A Lot Happier

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Stuck in a corporate rut? Sick to death with the monotony of your surroundings? These little lifestyle habits are simple to adopt and will really change the way you sail your boat.

1. Sleep should be right on top of  your priority list.

Proper sleep can do wonders to your life. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that 8 hours of sleep is a must for the human body and a lack of sleep leads to stress and anxiety. Your days will become more productive with a consistent sleep pattern.

2. A hot water bath

This is the best way to relax your body. It washes your worries temporarily and helps bring a better thought process.

3. Take out some you time.

Every day, make it a point to spend some time with yourself. You can have a walk, sit in a silent corner or take yourself out for lunch or coffee. It really works and helps you introspect better. 

4. Maintain a journal

Write down anything and everything. Studies have shown that writing is the best way to vent. On the other hand, you can also maintain a happy journal wherein you can make note of the good things that have happened to you. Re-visiting these diaries will definitely make you happier.

5. Light a candle

Switch off the lights and light candles. Try lighting scented candles - they bring a sense of calm and can help you relax at the end of a tiring day.

6. Give a lot of hugs

If you think this is inspired from Munna Bhai MBBS then you are absolutely right. We believe in Jaddu ki Jhappis . Apparently a lot of skin contact releases oxytocin which makes your mood better.

7. Walk around your work place

By walk, we dont mean working out. Just one quick round around the office complex at any random time of the day can elevate your energy. It can enable your mind to think better. If you feel bored at work, this is what you should do.

8. Drink lots and lots of water

Your body needs it more than you think it does.

9. Buy flowers for yourself

Not for anyone else, but yourself. Flowers bring a lot of positivity.

10. Clean your room

Youll be surprised at how relaxing cleaning can be. Some studies say that cleaning actually helps you sort your mind and wipes away unnecessary thoughts.

11. Watch an old favorite movie

A movie marathon or even replaying your favorite scene can really change your mood. Try it right away.

12. Turn your surroundings into your comfort place

Buy funky bed sheets, get a bulletin board or make a reading corner for yourself. Define a place in your house that is your feel-good space. This is the best gift you can give yourself.  

13. Make everything yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, new beginnings and freshness. Paint yourself a yellow corner or just buy a cute yellow colored teddy bear. Winnie The Pooh is a great start!

14. Reread a childrens book.

Re-reading a book that you read while growing up is really a treat. You take a lot more from it than you did in your teenage years. Instant happiness! 

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