15 Eventualities if Earth Stopped Spinning!

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1. The northern lights would disappear

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights would cease to exist without a magnetic field.

2. Seasons would cease to exist

Earth’s 23.5° tilt would disappear. The sun would still be strongest at the equator but we would have no seasons.

3. The sun would appear mostly stationary

If the Earth stopped rotating, we would see the sun increase or decrease in the sky only when changing our latitude.

4. Everyone would be dead

If it hasn’t become clear by now, nearly everyone and everything would die.

5. How to survive

But, even though the Earth won’t suddenly stop spinning, to have just a slight chance of surviving, be underground. Being underground and inland would shelter us from the hurricanes and tsunamis that would immediately erupt and would prevent the harmful radiation from reaching us. The problem is you may never be able to leave the underground again.

6. Wind patterns would change

Current wind systems move in parallel to the equator but would move from the equator to the poles if the Earth stopped spinning, massively altering weather patterns.

7. The oceans' surface would atomize

The rapidly moving wind systems would atomize the surface layer of any body of water, including oceans, creating a spray on the surface and waves that would overturn most if not all vessels.

8. Sea life would die off

The churning of the water would kill off any creature relying on air to breathe and would kill off any creature unable to survive on the low-oxygen water brought up from the cold depths.

9. Global temperatures would freefall

With our atmosphere largely covered by dust and debris, a dense fog would simultaneously settle over the colder ocean waters, causing temperatures to further drop.

10. We would be bombarded with radiation

Assuming the Earth’s core would simultaneously stop rotating, our planet’s magnetic field would cease to exist. Without this magnetic field, we would be vulnerable to all the host of space radiation that bombards our planet on a daily basis. The waves would irradiate us all and kill us instantly.

11. The poles would be mostly unscathed

Since Earth’s rotational velocity diminishes the further away one gets from the Equator, if the Earth stopped spinning, a polar bear or penguin standing on the North or South Pole would feel little disturbance. (Though #11 might prove being there to be a bad idea.)

12. Sunlight would be blocked from reaching Earth

Dust and debris shot into the atmosphere by a stopped-Earth would likely block out the sun, at least temporarily, as happens when volcanoes spew ash into the sky and as happened during the asteroid impact which killed off the remainder of the dinosaurs.

13. The sun's pattern would change

Without the Earth’s normal rotation, the sun would rise in the west and set in the east.

14. Earth would become a sphere

As it spins, Earth bulges out at the equator due to rotational velocity. If the Earth were to stop spinning, the 5 miles (8 km) of bulging oceans would redistribute over the planet, flooding many low-lying regions.

15. Oceans would redistribute

On a similar coin, since gravity is strongest at the poles, the oceans would concentrate around the North and South Poles, leaving behind one super-continent wrapping around Earth’s equator.

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