15 ridiculously expensive things no ordinary person can afford.

  Raj Kumar
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1. The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever made by man. Hovering 380 kilometers above us, it is worth about 150 billion dollars.

2. The most expensive Bonsai tree in the world is Over 300 Years Old and will run you around 1.3 million.

3. The most expensive book in the world is the Codex Leicester of Leonardo da Vinci, a book of scientific writings by the famous genius, will cost you 30.8 million.

4. The most expensive watch in the world, the A. Lange Sohne Grand Complication. This immensely complicated (876 hand wrought parts, 7 complications and 14 functions) and precise watch can only be made by one man in the whole world, and it takes him a whole year just to make one! It can be yours with patience and $2.5 million dollars.

5.  The most expensive jet in the world is the Airbus 318 Elite Private Jet and if you want it you better have 62 million and gas money.

6.  The most expensive Cognac in the world is called Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne (say that 3 times fast!) and a bottle costs no less than 2 million. That would be about $20,000 per sip. 

7.  The most expensive dog in the world is the beautiful, Rare and huge Tibetan Mastiff puppy (dog on the right). This gorgeous hound is worth $2 million dollars.

8.  The most expensive photograph ever sold was this deceptively plain photo of the Rhein II, made by German artist Andreas Gursky and sold for 4.3 million.

9.  The most expensive sword in the world belonged to no other than Napoleon Bonaparte, and will go for about $6.4 million.

10.  The most expensive car in the world, currently, is the Lamborghini Veneno, costing 4.6 million.

11.  The most expensive champagne in the world is the delicious Gout de Diamants Champagne was sold for 1.2 million. However, it is not the liquid that makes this bottle so pricey, but the bottle, which has an 18 carat white gold plate with a 19 carat diamond mounted in the middle of it. 

12.  The most expensive mushroom in the world, an Italian White Alba Truffle, 1.51 Kilograms is worth $160,406. 

13.  The most expensive computer in the world is the huge Milky Way 28243 Supercomputer in Guangzho, China, and would cost abotu $400 million to recreate.

14.  The most expensive viola in the world, the Stradivarius MacDonald Viola, made in 1719 and one of only 10 surviving violas made by the famous master Luthier. It was recently sold for $45 million.

15.  The most expensive beer in the world is the Antarctic Nail Ale, if you want to try it, you better be prepared to spend $1,815 per bottle, so there better be a darn good reason for celebration.

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