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40 Bizarre Statues

40 Bizarre Statues Fwd:

40 Bizarre Statues

You can find many stautes and exhibits around the world, most in public places, sometimes celebrating an event or a person, sometimes just for artistic effect or a political statement. While most of these keep to a time honored tradition of what they should look like, some take a different approach:

Hanging Rhino, Germany

Man Hanging Out, Prague Czech Republic

Crocodile eating Capitalist, Brooklyn, New York

Charles La Trobe, Melbourne, Australia

Cow Popsicle, Budapest, Hungary

The Giant Hand, Chile

Headless Musician, Amsterdam, Holland

A man in the Guadalakir River, Spain

Man sawing branch, Holland

Violinist erupting from the floor, Holland

Huge woman lying in photo booth, London, England

Great Depression Bread Line Statue, New Jersey, US

A saint riding a dead horse, Prague

A man in water, Stockholm, Sweden

The Knotted Gun, New York, US

River of children, Singapore

The man in the wall, Paris, France

Bukcheon bench outside museum, Seoul, South Korea

Die Badende, Germany

De Vaartkapoen (the stumbling police officer, Brussels, Belgium

Space Cow, Sweden

The Awakening, Washington, US

Paparazzi, Slovakia

Le Pounce (the thumb), Paris, France

A man at work, Slovakia

Urinating statues, Prague

Hashire, Japan

Walking to the sky, Pennsylvania

Metalmorphosis, Charlotte, North Carolina

Sala Keoku, Thailand

Cloud Gate, Chicago

Searching for utopia, Holland

The swimming man, London, England

The Headington Shark, Oxford, England

Giant Tap, Switzerland

Franz Kafka, Prague

Corporate Head, Los Angeles

God father on the arch of heaven ( Godfather on the arch of heaven, Sweden

Giant Fork, Springfield, Missouri

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