9 Easy Ways to Prevent and Treat Wrinkles.

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An Easy Guide to Preventing and Treating Wrinkles

In ancient times, having wrinkles often meant that you were successful for having reached an old age. It was a sign of wisdom, health, and longevity. With the advancements in medical knowledge and care, we all get to live longer, meaning that wrinkles are becoming less a sign of success, and more a sign of just being old. Any pharmacy will have a plethora of “anti-aging” creams and products meant to make wrinkles less visible, but the best way to reduce the liness of wrinkles, one just needs know these facts:
1. The more expressive you are, the more wrinkles you’ll have

Laugh-lines, frown-lines, crow’s-feet, etc. – they all are results of your more common expressions. These lines become ingrained in your skin through years of similar motions and are impossible to reduce without plastic surgery as a facelift or by injecting special fillers under the skin.

2. Changing your diet can make a difference
Fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants help the body combat the effects of free radicals, which are the main cause for aging-related symptoms. Foods that are particularly rich in antioxidants are prunes, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts blueberries, pinto beans, and red beans.

3. Spending time in your car increases the liness of wrinkles
You may feel safe from the sun’s rays in your car, but the sad truth is that the car windows can be your worst enemy. They provide no UVA protection, so if you sit in traffic a lot – you’re also being exposed to the sun, often on one side specifically. Always wear sunscreen when you go for a drive – your skin will thank you.

4. Do you sleep on one side? You’re more ly to get wrinkles
If your favorite sleeping position is on your side or stomach, with your face lying on a pillow – you’re creating your own wrinkles. As your face presses into the pillow, it creates many wrinkles on your face, similarly to expression lines.

5. Drinking water helps reduce wrinkles
Most people don’t know or understand the importance of drinking sufficient amounts of water during the day. If we’re not sufficiently hydrated, our skin dries out, and dry skin gets damaged more easily because it loses its elasticity and becomes more brittle. Make sure you’re well hydrated throughout the day, and you’ll keep those wrinkles at bay.

6. Frown lines can mean problems with your vision
While most other wrinkles are the results of age or sun damage, frown lines are not. These wrinkles that appear between your eyes are most often an indication that you probably need an eye exam. If you take care of vision problems early enough – you’ll be able to delay, and even prevent these wrinkles.

7. Look at old family photos
Wrinkles are hereditary, and by investigating your family’s history you can often predict when you’ll start getting wrinkles, how pronounced they will be and where are they most ly to occur. Knowing that will help you care for “danger zones” in advance.

8. Face creams can slow down the appearance of wrinkles
Collagen levels in your skin determine its elasticity. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles. By using face creams that contain peptides, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoid, and vitamin C, you increase skin turnover, encouraging the production of collagen to a degree. Another way is a procedure called “Skin Tightening via Radio Frequency” that causes mild inflammation in the skin, promoting increased production of collagen. While this procedure is effective – it can be quite costly.

9. Bouns
Skin Brightening and Hydrating Mask
Choose between 3 optional bases:

    Aloe vera juice - for a soothing and healing mask
    Greek yogurt - for a purifying and cleansing mask
    Honey - for a nourishing and softening mask

Add the following ingredients:

    2 tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth Clay
    ½ teaspoon of lemon peel powder
    ½ teaspoon of licorice root powder
    ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder
    ¼ teaspoon of green tea extract powder
    3 drops of lemon/lime essential oil

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl until combined
Add the essential oil.
Add the rest of the liquid ingredients until the mixture is a smooth, thick paste.
Apply the mask and wait for approximately 15 minutes.(Don’t let the mask dry all the way)
Clean your face with a warm, wet washcloth.

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