9 highly useful ideas by school kids.

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1. A torch with an additional bulb.
By Md. Alisher, class 12, KSS College, Lakhisarai, Bihar

The idea is to have another bulb below the main bulb of the torch so that light is available near the feet of user and also for people following the user. Once Alisher was returning home with his grandmother at night. As he was using his torch to show his grandmother the way, he could not see a pit himself and fell into it. Idolising Abraham Lincoln, he likes writing stories and wishes to join CBI to rid the country of corruption.

2. Wheel chair convertible to crutches.
By S Ramakishore, Sanjay Srinivas, Tamil Selvan class 10, Maharishi International School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The idea is to have a modified wheelchair that can be folded and converted into a crutch so that it is easy to take on stairs as well use on flat surface. The three friends had gone to celebrate one of their friend’s birthday in an orphanage. They were moved by the plight of lower limb physically challenged.

Sanjay likes reading novels and listening to western music, Ramkishore likes drawing, reading novels, and playing video games. Crazy about computers, he wants to become a computer engineer. Tamil Selvan, who wants to become aeronautical engineer, likes reading non-fiction, watching animation movies and day dreaming, as he mentions.

3. Pen to check concentration
By Rudra Prasad Goswami, class 11, DAV Kapil dev Public School, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

A pen with pressure sensors on the grip to indicate loss of concentration when the grip loosens. Once Rudra was summarizing notes of a Physics chapter, however, somehow he could not concentrate and his attention kept diverting from one topic to another. It is then that he thought about such a pen.

Rudra likes solving Physics numerical and playing chess and cricket. He wants to get into IIT and become an engineer.

4. Bulb/CFL remover/connector
By Gautham Praveen A, class 11, SJSSGJ Matriculation HS School, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 
And Shweta Sharma, class 11, Police DAV School, Jalandhar, Punjab.

Hand held rod with a clutch at the grip and a clasp at the further end to hold the bulb, making is easy for anyone to change the bulb without needing a chair or a ladder for it. Gautham came up with this idea when his father asked him to help him change a few bulbs at the house.

Gautham has been a good scholar and had secured 98.8% marks in his class 10th last year. He plays keyboard and also composes music, and has won a number of awards at the district/ state level. He often works on different projects showcases them in various science exhibitions, where his scientific temperament gets well recognised. He wants to be a Chartered Accountant and also wants to be remembered as a good musician. Interestingly he says that students should be multi-talented like ‘Swiss Army Knives’, which are multi-utility objects.

Shweta is a young school girl whose mind keeps buzzing with new ideas. She says that she otherwise has loads of patience but when it comes to problem solving, she becomes impatient and starts to think of probable solutions. “If we learn to live with ten problems unsolved, living with next ten problems becomes easier and after that we do not even notice many of the problems,” mentions Shweta. This is the third consecutive time she is getting an IGNITE award and for two of her ideas, the other one being a kite flying idea mentioned later.

5. Multicolor headphone wires
By Swetleena Zenith, class 11, Army Public School, Alahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The cords/wires of the headphone may be of different colors so that untangling them becomes easy. A simple solution to an everyday problem faced by many of us. In free time, Swetleena likes to be with herself, sitting quietly in a corner and contemplating on various things. Since writing acts as a stress buster for her, she sometimes writes long poems. She wants to be a doctor and serve the society. She strongly feels that as one learns from oneself the most in life; his/her inspiration should come from within i.e. one should be self inspired. Her motto: To dream of a person you would like to be is to waste the person you are.

6. Adjustable electricity extension board
By Tenith Adithya, class 11, The Hindu Higher Secondary School, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu

Electricity extension board with flexible plug points so that one can put any type of electric plugs wherever space is available. Tenith needed a good number of electricity plug points to run various devices at a time while pursuing various experiments. Using many extension cords/power strips was cumbersome, thus the idea.

He is an avid computer buff and has two Guinness World record attempts to his credit viz. most software and games created at youngest age (8 games and 5 software at the age of 12 years) and world’s longest running computer program (Power mind, which can run for 570 years, written at the age of 13 years).

His hobbies  are collection of coins, antique, currency notes and rear pets. He has over 5000 coins and 250 currency notes. He also claims to be a bird tamer and enthusiastically participates in science expo, chess tournaments, essay competitions, debates, painting and drawing competitions etc.

He is a serial innovator and has a number of innovations to his credit. He wants to be an inventer and develop solutions that make life easy for the people. He mentions that he works late till night on his projects and many times misses his classes in the morning as he often gets late. He recalls once during a chemical experiment, he had inhaled dangerous fumes, after which he had to be hospitalized. But even at the hospital bed, he told his parents, ‘Science needs sacrifice’, which frightened his parents so much that they never allowed him to work with chemicals thereafter.

7. Automatic blade swinging ceiling fan for easy cleaning
By Atheerth Chandran, class 11, AMHS Thirumala, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala

When switched-off the blades loop downwards so that they can be cleaned and when switched on they become horizontal as in other ceiling fans. Atheerth likes to work on a number of electronic projects and helps his friends with their science projects. He likes to work with electronic components like resistors, transistors, capacitors etc.. He plays cricket and badminton, and wants to become a scientist.

8. Oxygen / carbon dioxide level indicators in car
By S R Valava, class 12, AEHSS, DAE Township, Kalapakkam, Tamil Nadu 
And Pratyush Kumar Sahoo & Bikash Kumar Mallick, class 10, Mother Public School, Khurda, Odisha.

System to detect levels of oxygen/ carbon dioxide in the closed car and open windows when oxygen level drops or carbon dioxide level rises, thereby preventing accidental deaths of children or pets locked inside the car. All the students thought about this idea
after reading/ hearing news about accidental deaths in cars due to suffocation. Valava, who plays football, has interest in junk art i.e. making useful items from waste and wants to become an entrepreneur so that he can give job to others.

Pratyush plays basketball and computer games. He also reads story books, paints and plays keyboard. He wants to become an IAS officer. Bikash, who also plays basketball, believes that he has the capacity to break a bigger problem into small ones and then solve them. He also aspires to be an IAS officer and feels that, ‘success is not something one is born with, rather it is something one has to strive for.’

9. New design of serving tray
By Alok Singh, class 12, Shah Faiz Public School, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh

Serving tray with a release mechanism to put cup/ glass on the table along with a coaster without touching it. Once while serving tea to a guest, Alok spilled over hot tea over him resulting in some burns to his hands and stains on his cloth and the sofa. After this incident he started thinking how such a problem could be avoided and came up with this idea to make serving easy and ‘stylish’.
He plays table, sings songs, knows seven different techniques in swimming, learns martial art and is also into athletics. He likes narrating stories to his younger cousins and penning down poems.

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