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Last year… on an occasion where a very successful company's CEO was speaking in a seminar…
he was repeatedly trying to convey a message to all the students of prestigious college…
"What you do is not an important thing… How well you do your work is more important… that is what defines your success"

Many of the students raised queries regarding the same statement… as some of these students were not convinced with this statement.

The students said… only some professions are chosen ones.
Some students said… they only wanted to chose what they think is a great career ahead.
Some… wanted to say… only if it is a good company… they will join it… because that is what will give them a better tomorrow.

CEO was not able to understand how to convince the students that… it is their hard work that counts and not any other factor… that can take to fame.

He wanted to tell them… some people land up in th e place they want to be… some people have to accept what they are doing…

But… no matter what you are doing… it is only how well you do the task… matters in the end.

He thought for a while… and immediately…
… told all the students… that he has a picture to mail them…
That will explain to them… what exactly he wanted to convey in his message…
he took all the emails… and then immediately that night…
emailed them this photograph… which tell every one what was in his mind.

TRUE… you give your best to whatever you do…
You will get the best out of it.

See the picture for yourself if I was mistaken, this is a photo of a name that no one forgets (atleast no one among the one's who know this game)

You should deserve… Before you desire

Jonty Rhodes
He was a national hockey player and hockey was his passion
He was the hockey goal keeper for south african team.
He had to chose cricket because he was forced to do so…

Will that stop him from reaching to fame NEVER!

He is the best… and people only know him as the best

Moral : Dont ruin your career giving your self excuses that perhaps this is not where you wanted to land up.Try to focuss and enhance your capabilities in whatever you have in front of yourself.

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