Airplane Mishaps.

  Raj Kumar
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Left Aileron??. . . . (An Actual Cross Wind Landing)

New Drive Thru Service Gives You An Instant Convertible . . (An . Actual Landing On The Wrong Runway)

Those dang pot holes . . they r even on runways now!!

Aqua Cessna??? (Single Engine Problems)

Sub Cessna? (Twin Engine Problems)

Do I really need the left landing gear assembly?

Whatcha Le Hombre . . . INCOMING!!!!! ?(New Kama Kazi Boarder Patrol)

Aw Crap!
!!!  I hate it when I do that!

New reality show
-  I dare you to fly with us

Roger That Houston . . .. Overheating On Port Engine

Oh wow man.did I miss

Aye . . .who took my wheelie bars?

American Airlines 757 tail strike in Orange County airport in California

In Asia everything bows!

Doing a gear check on an EVA 747

Anybody for a slice of airplane???

oops... wrong button

I swear Officer, he backed into me!

Making sure they use all available cargo space....

Mechanic forgot to chock the plane

Hang in there baby!!

I hate short runways . .

Me first
-- no me first -- no, no me first -- no, no, no me first..

Hey it looked hard! (Cessna Submarine)

Just cooling the aircraft in Miami

runway assault

Honey, I
' m Home rdSourceID :NT00029A5E    

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