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A Guinness World Records official hands over a certificate to the world's shortest man, Khagendra Thapa Magar in Pokhara, some 200 kms west of Kathmandu. The Nepalese teenager whose tiny stature has made him a celebrity in his homeland entered the record books as the world's shortest man at 67.08 cm or 26.4 inches according to new measurements by Guinness, as he celebrated his 18th birthday. He takes the title from Colombia's Edward NiƱo Hernandez, whose record stood for just five weeks. Khagendra measures 2 ft 2.41 in (67.08 cm) tall, nearly 2 inches shorter than his predecessor

A UFO image snapped over Chelsea, New York, which created a storm in the USA. New Yorkers were transfixed by shiny unidentified flying objects spotted over Chelsea. Hundreds of Big Apple residents craned their necks to see the objects, which were described as looking like dozen silver white balloons [perhaps that's just what they were?]. Witnesses flooded the NYPD and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with calls reporting sightings

Food landscape artist Carl Warner displays the Chocolate Express at St Pancras International Station to mark the launch of his book "Carl Warner's Food Landscapes". The Chocolate Express is a a real-life landscape constructed entirely out of chocolate, that Carl has crafted specially for the launch...

...Featuring a chocolate locomotive that would have once graced the Barlow Shed, The Chocolate Express will journey from the station to Chocolate Unwrapped for Chocolate Week (16/17th October) and then to the New York Chocolate Show

Kevin Richardson, also known as the Lion Whisperer, plays with two of his lions in their enclosure at the Kingdom of the White Lion park in Broederstroom, near Johannesburg South Africa...

...A new film, White Lion, is about a rare white lion, who as a cub is cast out of his pride because of his colour. He is near starvation when he befriends an older lion who teaches him the ways of the wild. Richardson, the movie's producer, first befriended a pair of lion cubs at the Lion Park outside Johannesburg 12 years ago, when the cubs were 6 months and he was 23. He began shortening his hours as a therapist in postoperative rehabilitation to play with his new friends. Soon, park owner Rodney Fuhr offered him a part-time job which became full time...

...Today, Richardson cares for 39 lions at his 800-hectare (2,000-acre) Kingdom of the White Lion in Broederstroom, an hour and a half drive from Johannesburg, where the film was shot. He's been attacked by his lions twice. Once during filming, a lion named Thor grabbed Richardson's arm and pinned him against the cage holding the camera crews, who looked on terrified and unable to help. "I thought: There goes my arm, and it's my own fault. I was provoking him to get a fight sequence that we needed," Richardson said. The lion stared him in the eyes for what seemed five minutes but couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds, before releasing him

A fight breaks out during the Asian Games 3rd warm-up basketball match between China and Brazil at Xuchang Vocational Technical School Gym in Xuchang, Henan province, China

A billboard depicting US President Barack Obama as a suicide bomber, a gangster, a Mexican bandit and a gay man with the ironic slogan "Vote DemocRAT" has triggered a row in Grand Junction, Colorado, weeks ahead of crucial mid-term November elections

Product images courtesy of iParty and Ricky's NYC show Lady Gaga Halloween costumes. While classic costumes are still top sellers at Halloween, this year pop culture costumes like Lady Gaga are on the rise

Visitors look at an artwork of a stuffed, dead dog holding a sign that reads "I'm Dead" at the Frieze Art Fair in Regent's Park, London

A Pakistani man leads a donkey-cart laden with drums on a street in Lahore

A hiker takes a picture of the foggy Alps as he stands above the clouds on a visitor's platform near the top of the Wendelstein (1,838 metres high) in the Mangfall mountains, the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, near the village Bayrischzell, southern Germany

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France bites a ball after a point lost to Andy Murray of Britain during their quarter final match of the Shanghai Masters ATP tennis tournament. Murray won 6-2, 6-2

A seagull swoops in to pick off a piece of bread from the extended hand of a visitor on a pier at the Baltic Sea on Ruegen Island at Binz, Germany

A Cougar helicopter performs during a Swiss air force air show in Axalp

Pope Benedict XVI waves to a member of the International Circus Festival climbing the steps of St Peter's basilica on a BMX during the pontiff's weekly general audience at St. Peter square at the Vatican

Firefighters battle a blaze at the former Union Wadding Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The mill was mostly unoccupied, but several apartments were evacuated as a precaution. There were no reports of injuries

A woman views an exhibit of a plastinated human body during an exhibition titled "Myth of the Human Bodies" in Manila, Philippines

Men drive their overloaded donkey cart along a road in Islamabad, Pakistan

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