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A statue of Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture, is silhouetted against the rising super harvest moon as it stands on top of the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City. The rare occurrence of the Super Harvest Moon occurs when the autumnal equinox coincides with the full moon and what NASA calls a '360-degree, summer-autumn twilight glow that is only seen on rare occasions'. The last time such a Super Harvest Moon happened in 1991

Rachel Vincent is painted as a brick wall at the Airbrush Venturi Body Painting Expo at Parklands Showgrounds, Gold Coast, Australia...

...Rob Bampton is painted to look like a gargoyle at the Airbrush Venturi Body Painting Expo in Australia

This is Bengal tiger Tanvir who has overcome his fear of heights to climb onto the top of his climbing frame at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, in Wroxall, North Somerset. Tanvir, a four-year-old Bengal tiger, was more scaredy-cat than scary cat as he battled to overcome his acrophobia. Last year [left] the big male climbed to the top of his 15ft purpose-built climbing frame at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, at Wroxall, North Somerset, and was too frightened to come down for 48 hours

Sparrows perform petty theft in Berlin, Germany

Filipino chef Angelito Araneta Jr displays a 24-carat gold covered mooncake garnished with .10-carat artificial diamonds at Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. The mooncake is a traditional Chinese treat eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Female hippopotamus Mali, or Jasmine, eats fruits presented for her 44th birthday celebration, at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand

Raymonde (right) and Lucienne, who are believed to be the oldest identical twins in the world, pose in Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, near the southern French city of Bordeaux. Born on September 23, 1912 in Paris, the two widows have lived together since their retirement

A child dressed as Lord Bhairav looks out the Kumari temple window during Indra Jatra in Kathmandu, Nepal

A tiny book is seen on the thumb nail of an employee at the House of the Bible in Dresden, Germany. The miniature book contains the Lord's Prayer in 12 different languages and is presented in the exhibition 'History and dissemination of the Bible'

Brazilian artist Regina Silviera presents her installation titled "Depth" at a gallery in Lodz, Poland

A 24-year-old farmer from Chongqing has spent the past year building his own plane. After 12 months of hard work Zeng Qiang proudly shows off the plane he built - "Teng Fei Yi Hao" (No.1 Flying). The 150kg plane is built from materials such as metal pipes, canvas, steel wires and sheet iron

A visitor tries out 3D glasses in a 3D self-portrait studio of Japanese camera maker Panasonic on the first day of Photokina, the world's largest fair for imaging, in Cologne

Two models show off creations at the MAN show at London Fashion Week

A girl examines a sculpture depicting a globe decorated with women's underwear in Kiev, Ukraine

Aliaksandra Narkevich of Belarus performs with the ribbon during the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Moscow

A young woman creates huge bubbles in front of Berlin's landmark Brandenburg Gate

Steel workers of of Germany's industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG protest with fireworks during a warning strike in Duisburg

Britain's Andrew Barrow catches himself as he flips over in his wheelchair during a match against Canada at the World Wheelchair Rugby meet in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

People sunbathe at the Travertines in Pammakule, Turkey

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