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Beautiful Valleys of Pakistan occupied Kashmir

This was part a of India but now
occupied by Pakistan …………..

      Dudipatsar lake is still hidden from the tourist attraction.
This extremely beautiful lake is located in Kaghan Valley in
Pakistan ocuupied Kashmir.  

This is Mingora, Swat Valley, (POK)


  This beautiful lake is Karumbar. its located in the Hindukush mountains of POK .


  Ushu nad Utror valleys of Swat in POK.


A Hidden Lake Karumbar in POK .

  Another Beautiful meadows in POK.


The Beautiful Dudipatsar lake in POK

View of Shangrilla resorts & Lake of POK  

The picture of Deosai one of the highest pleatue in the world, now in POK.

Deosai (POK)

another place of Lalazar in POK  

On the way back from Dudipatsar Lake


  This is shogran, POK .

  View of Bureth Lake in POK .

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