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It feels good to realize that before they were rock or pop stars, these people were just like us (or worse).  Without money, fame, and an image consultant, what are the chances that they’d have an aspirational look?  Below is a trip down memory lane that features school yearbook photos from some of music’s biggest stars.  2 things to note:

Avril Lavigne

Not so punkish back in the day.

Axl Rose

Looks like trouble.


There was never any doubt that she’d be gorgeous.

Billy Corgan

Kinda looks like a girl.  Maybe that’s why he rocks the shaved head.

Bruce Springsteen

Certainly wasn’t confused for quarterback of the football team.

Eddie Van Halen

Joakim Noah’s style inspiration.


I know the other post is for hip hop, but some are too good to leave out.

50 Cent

The look of a successful businessman?


In case you had doubts that her current look is a blend of meth and plastic surgery…

Gwen Stefani

Definitely was among the top 3 most popular girls in school.

Iggy Pop

Good-looking young lad.  Check out the final product .

Jennifer Hudson

Exactly what you’d expect - happy and smiley.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Certainly not a music star, but this picture is too good to not include.  The guy that predicted she’d be on multiple Maxim covers is the same guy that put all his money on Mine That Bird to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby .

Jessica Simpson

Every guy wanted to hook up with her in high school.

Katy Perry

Plain Jane whose sense of style was a t-shirt on picture day.

Kid Rock

Probably killed a 6-pack of Coors Original before this pic.

Kurt Cobain

Very sad.  Looks like a normal soccer-playing kid.


This chick became an international sex icon?

Mariah Carey

Holy 80’s hair!

Marilyn Manson

His music might disturb some, but it’s better than bringing guns to school.

James Hetfield

Looks like a part of the lost boys that Mad Max stumbles across in Beyond Thunderdome.

Paula Abdul

Now that’s a bad hairdo.

Anthony Kiedis

Looks like he has ADD.

Steven Tyler

Always had lips that stand out in an un-man-like way.

Stevie Nicks

Yes, she has the same haircut your mom did in her high school picture.

Tommy Lee

He was on a straight path to a career in porn until he found a drumset.

Travis Barker

I told you this was the zinger!  Everyone goes through an awkward phase, just some are worse than others.  Unfortunately for Travis, he was unable to remove this memory from the archives.

Ok now click on young Lil Jon to see your f avorite hip hop stars as kids :

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