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Technology sector has emerged as one of the most coveted by employment seekers not only in India but across the globe. The fact that the world's richest man happens to be the chief architect of the world's number one software company goes on to show the sector is blazing hot as far as jobs go.  

While the fat bottomlines and high growth figures have made the companies that make this industry a trailblazer, the work ethos, HR practices and organization culture that many of these companies provide also makes them stand apart. Here are some of the best companies that have been from ranked among the Best Workplaces in various global surveys from time to time. A common factor running across all these companies: Employees are in the driving seat and are made to feel valuable.  


Geoffrey Moore, high-tech guru and author of the popular management book "Crossing the Chasm" sums the # 1 company on Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work, "Google is all about individuals fulfilling or exceeding their potential, and employees are given significant license to foster this.."  

The company boasts of an informal work culture. Googlers are allowed to bring their pets to the workplace, and are provided with free snacks, lunch and dinner prepared by the celebrity chef Charlie Ayers. The Googleplex has snack rooms offering Googlers cereals, gummi bears, cashew nuts and other snacks along with fruit juices, soda and cappuccino...  

Cisco Systems

The Networking giant Cisco Systems believes that retaining the best talent requires listening to employee feedback. Hence the company provides its large population of employees with multiple ways to provide feedback. The company CEO John Chambers himself stays in touch with the staff. He meets with groups of new hires to welcome them and at monthly breakfast meetings workers are encouraged to ask him questions.  

The company also has Cisco Pulse Census that provides a confidential and standardized means for employees to assess their work environment and gives both managers and Cisco leadership clear information to act upon.  

Infosys Technologies

One of India's top technology consulting firms, Infosys Technologies prominently figures on most international Best Employer surveys. The company with operations in more than 15 countries benchmarks its compensation packages against those of best-in-class companies to ensure that its salaries are competitive.  

Though Infosys grew to become a $ 2 billion company by the year 2006, it still retained the culture of a small company. The company attracts the best talent from across the world, and recruits candidates by conducting one of the toughest selection process. All the selected candidates are required to go through an intensive 14-week training programme. All the employees are required to undergo training every year, and some of the chosen few are further trained at the Infosys Leadership Institute to take on higher responsibilities in the company. Infosys was also one of the first companies to offer ESOPs to its employees.  


The company works on a simple philosophy: When employees are happy, they're more productive. A big part of what makes them happy is the ability to balance the demands of a career, family and the need for leisure time.  

Adobe Systems

Another regular in Best Employer surveys, Adobe Systems boasts of a non-hierarchical, informal and open environment. The company believes in fostering a culture of the highest levels of integrity. It works to create an environment where employees thrive on innovation and creativity.  

It provides a dynamic work environment that is result-oriented, energizing and fun, motivating and inspiring employee commitment and team spirit.


At Yahoo!, the company regards "employees as its biggest assets." The company claims to attracts employees who not only think big, but want to make a big difference as well — and who are often already connected or involved with compelling organisations. The company encourages ideas to surface from anywhere within the organization and appreciates the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.  

SAS Institute

"If you treat employees as if they make a difference to the company, they will make a difference to the company," that's been the employee-focused philosophy behind SAS' corporate culture since the company's founding in 1976. At the heart of this unique business model is a simple idea: satisfied employees create satisfied customers. SAS has created a flexi work environment at its campus.  

SAS is widely known for its "break stations," which are stocked with breakfast pastries, fruits, varieties of snack crackers, and soda, juice, coffee and tea. Every floor also has free M&M's served in bowls that are replenished every week. The key centers also offer employee conveniences like onsite car detailing, massage, dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, and a hair salon.  


Another regular in international surveys on Best Employers as well as Workplaces, the software giant boasts of one of the lowest attrition rates in the tech industry. The company claims that it receives 45,000 to 60,000 job applications a month, and over 90 percent of the people offered jobs accept.  

A firm believer in healthy work / life balance the company offers several programmes to its employees on the same. Some key initiatives include: variety of sports and healthcare benefits; broadband connection at home, enabling staff to work from home when required; job-share; counselling service for employees and their families; social clubs; career guidance and planning; mentoring programmes  

Texas Instruments

The maker of digital signal processing and analog technologies recognizes that a diverse, empowered workforce is a means for achieving a sustained competitive business advantage.  

Texas Instruments offers an informal work environment that aims to "bring out the natural best in people." There are no formal dress codes for the employees. The company offers what it describes as an "ad hoc" flexibility policy to its employees. Though the employees in the manufacturing process are excluded from this programme because of the demands of their job, they are allowed to work under a compressed work week schedule.  

Network Appliance

A leader in advanced network storage solutions, Network Appliance Inc is another IT company that figures prominently in the Fortune magazine's list of '100 Best Companies to Work For'. The company has been a part of the list since the last four years in succession. The company firmly believes that its "success is founded on the people who work here."  

The company offers flexible work schedules and special benefits for parents of special-needs children.


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