karma level 4013

We need to be aware of a
Danger in the acceptance process.
And the danger is creating
Our own soap operas.
It is simply not healthy to
Review our own sad stories again
And again -- like replaying a very
Sad day on one of the soaps.
When we dwell too long on the
"sad things"
we relinquish to them a power
They were never meant to have:
The power to keep our mental controls
On the same channel in our minds.
I have learned that I don't
Want to give that kind of power to
Things I have no control over.
Instead, I need to remind
Myself that I can choose happiness.
Deciding to move forward and choosing
Happiness over sorrow is a tough choice.
Sometimes I feel as though I'm fighting
An uphill battle -- and you will too!

At times we may feel that the dark
Clouds may never give way to the sunshine.
It is at those very moments that
We have to remind ourselves of
The power we do possess.
It is the power of choice.
I have discovered that somewhere
In the midst of whatever chaos
May surround us we can...
Choose happiness over despair,
Hope over hopelessness,
Joy over continual sadness,
And a smile over a frown.
Practice making this choice by
Doing things that make you
Smile, as well as bring joy to others.
When you share kindness it always
Finds its way back to you.
May your life be filled with much happiness!
~ Unknown~

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