BIHAR's Vikramsila University.

  Kautilya Dutt
  karma level 782


Vikramaśīla  University  was one of the two most important centers of Buddhist learning in India during the  Pala dynasty , along with  Nālandā  University.  Vikramaśīla  was established by King Dharmapala  (783 to 820) in response to a supposed decline in the quality of scholarship at Nālandā.  Atisha , the renowned  pandita , is sometimes listed as a notable abbot.
Vikramasila (village Antichak,  district Bhagalpur , Bihar) is located at about 50 km east of Bhagalpur  and about 13 km north-east of  Kahalgaon , a railway station on Bhagalpur-Sahebganj section of Eastern Railway. It is approachable through 11 km long motorable road diverting from N.H.80 at Anadipur about 2 km from Kahalgaon (which is not in a very good condition).
Now celebrating

Vikramshila Mahotsav

dolphin in ganga near vikramshila

You can reach with this cruise from kolkata or varanasi



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