Chalk in three dimensions: the pavement art of Kurt Wenners

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Master street artist Kurt Wenner's creations on cobbles and pavements across the world may look like they have been dug into the ground...

...but it's all an amazing trick of the eye

Former Nasa employee Kurt, armed with just pastels and paint, can transform the ground into living art

Using a style known as anamorphic street painting, the artist is able to create convincing illusions

Over 25 years ago the pioneering artist was influenced by centuries-old frescoed ceilings...

Merging the ideas of awe-inspiring murals like Michelangelo's works at the Sistine Chapel with16th century madonnari, the Italian name for street artists...

...Kurt has been able to create a staggering collection of work...

...and has appeared on pavements in over 30 countries

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