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1. The program *KANK* has not been built as per the Functionality Design Specifications (script).
2. The director should have first created a proper Design Document (screenplay) and then begun the actual coding.
3. *AmitabhBachchan* is a powerful class with a number of methods and functions but it has not been effectively used.
4. *AbhishekBachchan,* a derived class of *AmitabhBachchan*, inherits all the attributes and properties of its parent class.
5. *ShahRukhKhan* and *RaniMukherjee* are emotionally overloaded and go into an infinite weeping loop every 60 milliseconds.
6. The methods such as *Songs()* and *Cinematography()* have been properly executed and produce fantastic results.
7. *PreityZinta* is an abstract class, which looks pretty but actually does nothing.
8. Functions like *ArjunRampal, JohnAbraham, and Kajol* pass NULL values and are redundant.
9. The program takes an unbearably long time to terminate? about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

10. In User Acceptance Testing, too many defects were found.

Overall, the package is not worth purchasing. You may opt for pirated copies, though.

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