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Amazing cake decorating by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery in Atlanta, Georgia

At first glance, these designer bags look like they would sit perfectly in the collection of Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss. But look a little more closely and you may be able to tell that the logo on this Gucci handbag is made from modelling chocolate. All of the pictures in this gallery are of are actually decorated cakes. And just like their real life counterparts the incredible cakes come with price tags of thousands of pounds

The cakes are the work of Highland Bakery, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team of bakers is headed by Karen Portaleo, a former clay sculptor, She said: "When a client comes in I try and get a feel for their event and what they want - normally they are trying to tell a story about themselves. I try not to take much longer than two days because the cake has to be tasty and fresh. If it's a really complex cake then we will work through the night to keep it moist..."

"...When people first cut into the cake there's normally a lot of protests from people at the party, but not from me; for some reason I love seeing people tear into them. At first people are surprised it's a cake, but we put a lot of effort into making sure it tastes delicious, and so they are also surprised at how good it tastes"

The most expensive cake they've created cost a whopping £4,200 and was modelled on a Louis Vuitton trunk...

...It fed 200 people at a 40th birthday party and before it was cut guests asked why luggage had been left on the table

The Gucci handbag with the Yorkshire terrier's head poking out was a present from a woman to herself on her 30th birthday. She knew she was going to receive the real bag for her birthday and asked for the cake to be modelled on it - along with her cherished dog

The Birkin handbag was a present from American actor and comedian Steve Harvey to his wife on her birthday after the real bag he ordered was delayed. At her party his wife screamed with excitement when she saw the cake, believing it to be real

Ms Portaleo was also commissioned to produce a cake for Elton John's 62nd birthday last year. The cake featured his black and white Cocker Spaniel wearing a pair of his glasses

Recently the bakers created an octopus complete with tentacles and suckers for a charity event held for a local aquarium. The cake, which weighed more than 3,000 ounces, was donated to the cause

The cakes are baked in standard rectangular and round tins. Afterwards, they are frozen, which helps the artists carve them up and they are then decorated using fondant, modelling chocolate, gum paste, edible glitter, edible paint and luster dust, which gives the cake a shimmer

If you fancy ordering one of these amazing cakes, visit the Highland Bakery website

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