Dancing Dolphins

  Joees Wong
  karma level 1682


Two dolphins swim
In a sea of bliss....
Theyv'e just shared
A luminous kiss !!

They speed through the ocean
And dance to and fro....
Then they dive deep
Deep down below....

Into the depths
Of infinite peace ,
Where all of the world's
Sorrow's have ceased.

They then zoom to the surface
And scan over the earth
Looking for friends
To share in their mirth !!

They listen for the song
Of hearts filled with gold....
Sending out a pure note
To those whom they hold....

Deep in their memories
From Atlantean times ....
Those souls who are ready
To respond to the chimes .

When after awhile
Two hearts they have found....
They applaud with their flippers
And make joyful sounds !!!

They swim deep through their bodies
To get their attention
In a tantric love circle
From another dimension !!

Mission accomplished !!
Their task is complete !!
Two souls came together ,
Twin flames finally meet !!

All over the world
The use their sonar ,
To find ancient loves
  From near and far....

It brings them great joy !!
They do their job with great zeal !!
Knowing soul mates uniting .
Means the planet will heal !!

For the love that is kindled
Between hearts true and pure
Will be a soothing sweet balm
That can help bring a cure ,

For all of the suffering
That our earth now is in.
Paradise will come again....
It is time to begin !!

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