Delhi's disgrace, the shame: Commonwealth Games Stadiums

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After Delhi's disgrace, the shame: Child labourers pictured working on construction sites in frantic effort to get Commonwealth Games stadiums ready

Carrying the can: A naked child walks with a pail as Commonwealth Games labourers look on at a site in Delhi discovered by CNN

Hard at work! A child quite clearly helping in the construction at the side of a road in Delhi outside the Indira Gandhi Stadium in one of dozens of instances catalogued by CNN

Barefoot: A child risks injury in the middle of a site in Connaught Place, one of the main thoroughfares for Games traffic, as contractors furiously try to finish pavements before next week's opening ceremony

Shocking site: Another barefoot young child is photographed by CNN performing chores with older workers

Taken for granted: This family of labourers told CNN they had moved to Delhi before the Games but had not been paid for two monthss

Clean sweep: Cleaners wait to enter the site of the Commonwealth Games village today

Indian cleaning staff scramble to complete last minute preparations for the Commonwealth Games

Ring of steel: A security post overlooks the site of the Commonwealth Games village as workers make final preparations today

Not authorised: A stray dog roams inside the Commonwealth Games village today

England team members arrive as officials from the Commonwealth Games Federation from Britain take photographs at the athletes' village today

A labourer works in flood-water at the construction site of the hockey training stadium yesterday

Ready for action: Members from England's team for the Commonwealth Games arrive at the airport in Delhi today

Bowling in: England triples lawn bowler Sian Gordon arrives in New Delhi today

Wash and go? The bathrooms at the Commonwealth Games athletes' village have been exposed as being in a particularly poor state

Danger: Exposed cables and huge holes in the building work can be seen in these pictures

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