Diversity Of India.

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Old lady from Darap(Sikkim) village. This photograph is of an old lady living in Sikkim, the western part of India. This picture shows prominent cultural features of this state. (Image source: Sukanto Debnath)
Street Girl in Rajasthan. Unfortunately, many people in India live below-the-poverty-line. It is evident from this picture. The photograph here is of a poor homeless-girl living on street in Rajasthan. (Image source: massimo sbreni)
Feet Adorned. The photograph here shows the feet of a Tamil bride getting ready for her wedding. The feet of this bride are adorned with a silver anklet and Mehndi. Mehndi (henna) which is a prominent feature of Indian brides. (Image source: Raghuram Ashok)
Shiva Shambo. This photograph shows the Hindu god, Shiva. This bokeh photograph is taken in Hyderabad. (Image source: Abhinay Omkar)
Children Playing on Railway Track. This photograph, taken in Ahmedabad, shows children playing on the railway tracks. Many of these children live in slums along the railway tracks. (Image source: Urvish Joshi)
Handkerchief Seller. The photograph below shows a handkerchief seller wearing a worn-out suit trying to make a living. (Image source: Daniel Cheong)
Home delivery. This Bhelpuri seller is carrying the ingredients of the dish he will sell outside public parks and bus-stands. (Image source: Zane Yau)
Bollywood influenced. The little girl captured in this photograph is performing Bharat Natyam, a classic Indian dance form. (Image source: Ranga Krishna Tipirneni)
Kerala Runway. The farmer is chasing after his oxen (or bullocks as they are called in India and Australia). These Oxen are used to plough land by many farmers in India. (Image source: Anoop Negi)
Camels in Rajasthan. A local guy is running after his camel trying to get them to move in the direction of home. (Image source: Urvish Joshi)
Rajasthani Women. The photograph below shows a Rajasthani woman in her traditional clothes. (Image source: Urvish Joshi )
Men at Work. This photograph shows a local man filtering the tea through four filter pans. This is completely normal as many tea-stalls use cloth filter instead of steel filter to cut costs. (Image source: Babul Bhatt)

The Places

There are a number of landmark buildings in India. Most of them are over 300 years old, but still, they don’t fail to leave a mark on one’s memories. Most of these building host historic as well as religious values.
Victoria Terminus suburban railway station. This heritage building was built in 1887 and looks more of an old castle than a railway station. It has been renamed to Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. (Image source: Anindo Ghosh)
Bird’s eye View of Old Delhi. This photograph shows the most congested and busy part of Delhi. You can see the popular Red-Fort in the background too. (Image source: Mani Babbar)
Mecca masjid, Hyderabad. Photograph showing pigeons feeding over the corn people throw them in mosques like the Mecca masjid in Hyderabad. (Image source: Yogesh Rao)
India Gate. A woman cleaning the premises of India gate. India gate is a popular piece of architecture and is a site for the “Tomb of Unknown Soldiers” or Amar Ajawan Jyoti as it is locally referred to. (Image source: Popeyee)



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