Exotic Cakes.

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Fancy a slice of a giant prawn, a KFC bucket or a toolbox? Incredible cake designs make everyday objects look good enough to eat

At a quick glance you could be forgiven for thinking these images were just a display of everyday items, but the KFC bucket, the crown and even the toolbox pictured here are all in fact completely edible cakes.
Every spanner, chicken nugget, sewing needle and fishing hook has been made as part of a competition entry by the staff at North Devon Hospital.

In a stitch: You could be forgiven for thinking these images were of nothing more than everyday items like a sewing box, but in fact each and every thread and needle is edible. This edible masterpiece was created by created by Meg Davis.
Finger-lickin' good: Everyday objects have been turned into baked goods by staff at North Devon District Hospital. This 'family bucket' was made by Kayleigh Maurice.
Royal treat: This cake, made by Meg Davis, would be good enough for the Queen
Fishy: This cake, created by Kayleigh Maurice, would be perfect for avid fishers

Meg Davis, Nigel Howes and Kayleigh Maurice created the sweet treats for the 'Salon Culinaire', a global culinary competition that pits professional chefs against each other.
Mrs Davis said it took upwards of 40 hours to create such a masterpiece and there is something for everyone, from a jewelry box for the girls to tool boxes for the boys.
Savory to sweet: The master bakers have turned savoury foods sweet. This 'West Country cheeseboard' is by Meg Davis.
Sweet potatoes: The latest cakes give a whole new meaning to sweet potatoes. This vegetable box was created by Meg Davis
Be my valentine: There are romantic baked treats for every occasion, such as this 'chocolate box' created by Meg Davis.

Girls and the boys: Each spanner, sewing needle and bracelet is edible. The toolbox (left) created by Nigel Howes. The jewellery box (right) was created by created by Meg Davis

'I do it as a hobby really - although I do enjoy it,' she said.
'I always choose novelty themes for a bit of fun.
'It’s an intricate thing - I usually make twice as much as I need for the finished product.
'But I enjoy the reaction they get.'
The range of cakes varies from a giant lobster and KFC bucket to a sewing and tool kit where each and every needle and thread is edible.
Prawny: Seafood fans would love the custom-made fishy cake made by Meg Davis.
Gone fishing: The intricate detail in this fisherman's kit cake, made by Meg Davis, means it could very well be mistaken for the real thing



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