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Times Square, New York

Formerly called Longacre Square, Times Square was renamed in 1904 after the New York Times building, which became the district's new cornerstone. Famous for its endless entertainment and covered with billboards, lights, and sky-high buildings, Times Square is home to world-renowned Broadway, MTV, and other tourist attractions.

Ferris Wheel, San Antonio 

High above San Antonio, Texas, a couple steals a kiss at sunset. Situated in the southern part of the state’s Hill Country, the city is home to the Alamo and the historic River Walk.

Sculpture, Chicago 

Though artist Anish Kapoor entitled his oblique, metallic sculpture “Cloud Gate,” ask any Chicagoan about the legume-shaped steel and they’ll tell you what it really is: the Bean. The 110-ton sculpture provides an abstract reflection of Chicago’s skyline and all those who visit it.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco  

Like the outline of a mountain peak, a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge is visible above the summer fog in San Francisco Bay. Following the rush for gold in the late 19th century, the bay’s harbor attracted sailing ships from around the globe, and a great American city was born.

Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah 

The sandstone cathedrals of Monument Valley served as the backdrop for the wild American frontier. Planted in the middle of desert lands, the valley’s rocks are the only formations that dare to break the infinite flatness of the Arizona-Utah horizon.

Pistol River, Oregon 

A windsurfer carries his board and sail over sand dunes in Pistol River. Explorers discovered gold and other precious metals in the rivers and along the beaches of the area in 1852, and settlement depended primarily on water transportation. Today water transportation of a different sort is popular here—the area has several times played host to U.S. windsurfing championships. Vermont Farm

A mechanic and his dog take a breather in Vermont's fresh air. The U.S. Northeast is packed with many such pastoral scenes, as well as pockets of heavy industry.

Hotel, Miami Beach 

Colored lights illuminate the art deco façade of what today is called the Fairwind Hotel, in Miami Beach, Florida. The city’s popular South Beach is well known for its art deco architecture, as well as its beaches, nightclubs, and beautiful people.

Nankoweap Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park 

The Colorado River winds through Nankoweap Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. North America's geologic history is writ large in the sandstone heights across the U.S. West.

Adirondack Mountains, New York  

Outdoorsmen enjoy the gloaming at the North Woods Club in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, where American artist Winslow Homer often fished for trout and absorbed landscapes he would re-create in imagination and paint. Nā Pali Coast, Hawaii

The Nā Pali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i is the scarred shoulder of an ancient shield volcano that once rose more than five miles (eight kilometers) from seafloor to summit. Many visitors to the island take the one-hour helicopter tour to get the Jurassic Park view—Nā Pali starred in that movie, as well as in King Kong, South Pacific, and many other Hollywood fantasies.

Skiing, Montana

Membership in Montana’s exclusive Yellowstone Club guarantees access to some of the Gallatin Mountains’ best skiing runs just miles from Yellowstone National Park.

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