Chennai from 1883 to 1939

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Chennai from 1883 to 1939 & About Chennai

Marina Beech

Moubrays Road

Mount Road



Pycrofts Road


First Lane Beach


Egmore 1912

Ambulance at Chennai 1940

Bank of madras 1935

Car Showroom Chennai 1913

Ford 1917

Chennai Market (Kothaval Chawadi) 1939

Chennai Library 1913  (college studen ts )

Chennai Marina beech  1913

Mylapore-chennai -1939

A waiter (Taj)

Multi complex Departmental Store 1883

Ø      Chennai shares the second position as the largest employment generator in India , along with Bombay . It is next only to Bangalore .
Madras generates around 35,000 jobs annually.

Ø      Chennai has the highest two-wheeler population in India .

Ø      Chennai has the lowest pollution among major cities of India in spite of having over 20 lakh vehicles.

Ø      The city is now called the Detroit of India due to its automobile industry producing over 40% of the country's auto parts and vehicles.

Ø      Chennai is India 's fourth largest city and ranks among the fifty most populous cities in the world (#35).

Ø      Chennai as ranked First in India in Health facilities by Outlook in 2003.

Ø      Chennai was ranked First in India in Education facilities by Outlook in 2003.

Ø      Chennai was ranked the second best city to live in by Outlook in 2003.

Ø      The Mofussil bus stand at Koyambedu, Chennai is the largest in South Asia .

Ø      Chennai is the best place of cinema post-production work in the country according to leading cine industry experts.  Because of its
cheapness and all modernized technologies, several post-production works for the movies from the Eastern India and also from North-East
India are now being done in Chennai.

Madras (Chennai) old facts...........

Ø      Gateway of South India .

Ø      Cultural capital of India .

Ø      Marina Beach is the second longest beach in the world, after Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro .

Ø      Has one of oldest engineering and medical colleges in the world.

Ø      Has the second largest cine industry in the country, next only to Bombay .

Ø     The Vandalur Zoo in Chennai is the First Zoo (1855) in India and one of the largest in South Asia .

Ø     The Cancer institute (1920) in Chennai is one of the Oldest in India

Asvin Kumar Deepak

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