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Tragedy: Dan Wheldon's number 77 car, far left, launches into the air after clipping a vehicle that was in front of it. Moments later Mr Wheldon smashes into the fencing to his right

Mr Wheldon's blue and white car takes off in the air. It appears to have hit the back of the green vehicle in front, which acted like a ramp and launched the British driver upwards

Out of control: A close up of the moment of impact shows the rear left wheel of the green car pushed up by Mr Wheldon's vehicle, which reaches a steep angle

Milliseconds after the initial impact, Mr Wheldon's car has spun upside down as it hurtles towards the fencing. Will Power's car, right, is just beginning to take off

Will Power's car is flung into the air as a large number of vehicles collide in the pile-up and sparks fly. Mr Wheldon's vehicle has gone ahead of them and can no longer be seen in this shot

Will Power's number 12 car is seen flying through the air. The vehicle was not crushed against the fencing in the same manner as Mr Wheldon's and he survived the accident

Will Power's car lands close to the barrier facing backwards without suffering the severe damage inflicted on Mr Wheldon's vehicle, which is further down the track

Smashed to pieces: Wheldon's car, only identifiable by the B & W logo, is shown in the far left of the picture. The car is upside down and the driver's head has clearly been in contact with the barrier

The severe extent of the damage to the number 77 car, left, can be seen. Wires and shards of metal are hanging loose from it as flames engulf the tale

Fire: Mr Wheldon's car is momentarily lost is a ball of flames as it hits the barrier. Wheels and parts of the body of the vehicle are flung onto the track

Flames: Mr Wheldons car skids across the asphalt on its nose having lost both front wheels and the rear spoiler in the crash. Will Power's vehicle is seen behind him against the fence

'Unsurvivable injuries: Mr Wheldon's head is flung to the left as his 77 car, now without any wheels, spins away from the fence towards the centre of the track

Medics rush Mr Wheldon's damaged car as it becomes clear that he is severely injured. Some workers are seen waving, frantically trying to get more assistance

The race to save his life: Dan Wheldon is loaded into a medical helicopter and airlifted to hospital

had started a new life with him in the U.S.

Proud family man: Wheldon poses with wife Susie, who is holding baby son Oliver, and older son Sebastian on the day after he won Indianapolis 500 in May of this year. With them is the Borg-Warner trophy

Champion: Mr Wheldon poses with a trophy and his young son Sebastian after winning the IZOD IndyCar Series Indianapolis 500 Mile Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May this year. Right, celebrating on the track after the race

Proud father: Mr Wheldon holds his Sebastian, when he was just eight weeks old, at his Snell Isle home in St. Petersburg in 2009

Teenagers: Mr Wheldon, left, and Jenson Button, right, chat during the Formula Ford Festival and World Cup, at Brands Hatch in 1998

Early success: Mr Wheldon, who started racing aged four, is pictured third from the right, on the front row, during the Championship Cadet Series in Shenington near Banbury in 1988

Devastated: Team mates Jenson Button, left, and Lewis Hamilton, right, have both paid tribute to Wheldon who they have called 'inspirational' 

Support: A neighbour delivers flowers to the home of racing driver Dan Wheldon's parents in Emberton, Buckinghamshire, today

Two young fans look at the memorial, as right, Bob Herring and his wife Cindy embrace at the gate to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Sheer disbelief: Brazilian driver Vitor Meira at a drivers meeting after the deadly crash and, right, crew members look at the remains of one of the crashed cars

Tangled mess: Members of driver Paul Tracy's team inspect the remains of his car

Shocking aftermath: Cars are scattered on the track after a 15 car crash during the Las Vegas Indy 300

Stunned and tearful: Drivers take five tribute laps in Las Vegas on Sunday in honour of Dan Wheldon

Dazed: IndyCar racer Danica Patrick walks away from pit road after the tribute laps

Choking back tears: Stunned fans weep as drivers pay their five-lap tribute

Touching tribute: Teams line up on pit row as drivers take five laps in honour of Wheldon

Popular: With his love of racing and golden boy looks, Wheldon was loved among followers of the sport


1978: Born in Olney, Buckinghamshire on June 22.
1982: Starts karting.
1999: Wins U.S. F2000 championship and wins 'Rookie of the Year'.
2000: Becomes Toyota Atlantic 'Rookie of the Year'.
2001: Wins CART Dayton Indy Lights 'Rookie of the Year.'
2002: Makes IndyCar debut with Panther Racing.
2003: Wins IndyCar 'Rookie of the Year' for Andretti Green Racing.
2004: Finishes second in the points standings for the season.
2005: Wins the Indianapolis 500 race, becoming the first Englishman to do so since Graham Hill in 1966. Claims IndyCar drivers' championship in second full season.
2006: Finishes runner-up in the drivers' championship.
2009: Finishes second at Indianapolis 500 after starting from 18th.
2010: Comes second again at Indianapolis 500.
2011: Joins Bryan Herta Autosport after leaving Panther Racing. May - Wins Indianapolis 500. October 16 - Killed in final IndyCar race of the season at Las Vegas.


IndyCar has not had a fatality since Paul Dana was killed at the Homestead-Miami track in 2006. Another driver had lost control and gone into a spin during a morning warm-up. Dana died when he hit the other car at 200mph.

American driver Tony Renna was killed in 2003 in Indianapolis. During tire testing his car spun and became airborne, smashing into the fence. Renna died instantly.

In 1996 Scott Brayton a veteran driver who had competed in 14 Indy 500s since 1981, was killed in practice after qualifying for the pole position for that year’s race.

Champion driver Greg Moore was fatally injured in a violent 1999 crash during the Marlboro 500, the CART season finale in Fontana, California.

Gonzalo Rodriguez , a Uraguayan driver, died during the practice session for only his second CART race, at Laguna Seca, California, in 1999. At the notorious Corkscrew corner, his car went off the track flipping over concrete the barrier and landing upside down on the other side of the wall.

American race car driver Jeff Krosnoff was killed in a race in Toronto in 1996. A wheel-to-wheel touch with another car sent his vehicle over the barrier striking a light post. The accident also left a track volunteer dead after he was struck by a wheel.

Filipino driver Jovy Marcelo who came from a racing family well known in Asia, was killed in practice for the 1992 Indy 500 race.

Two drivers were killed in 1982. Jim Hickman died in a qualifying accident in Milwaukee after a stuck throttle caused his car to slam into the wall. Earlier in 1982 he had been named Rookie of the Year. 

Gordon Smiley died during qualification for the 1982 Indy 500 after his car slid off a turn and hit the wall  at nearly 200 mph. Smiley was also a promising Formula 1 driver.

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