Toyota's Bangalore Factory snapshots producing the Etios & Liva

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Dear all,

Check out the Toyota Production line….

Real-time status update of various lines within the factory. These screens are in place for each functional area. Green means OK, while a red alert will immediately have a supervisor visit that particular section to solve any problems. Typically Toyota ; planned output was 11, while the actual turned out to be 12!

The underbody moves on to a fully automated line, where robots weld the core monocoque together

An Etios randomly pulled off the assembly line for checks & analysis:

Being transported to the paint shop:

Detailed explanation of the paint process. Toyota Plant No.2 is the only automotive facility in India to use eco-friendly waterborne paints, supplied by Nippon . Even Toyota 's own plant no.1 uses traditional paint materials:

Once painted, the doors are removed. Reason? To allow men & machinery easy access to the interiors. The exact same door is mated to the car at a later stage:

While work on the car is underway, the doors move on to another location for their internals (window assembly etc.):

Etios on the way to be "kitted" out with electrical & mechanical components:

Suspension & brake part storage. Notice how clinically clean the area is:

Once all the functional parts are in place, the doors are fitted back on:

A look at the Assembly Process:

A Liva undergoing wheel alignment

Dyno and (ahead) brake testing:

Shower booth where the car is not only washed, but also checked for any leaks inside:

Spanking new, fresh & shiny:

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