Hammered Art.

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Marcus Levine creates pictures by hammering thousands of nails into boards

Marcus Levine poses with his work, Tamas Study 4, which contains 26,600 nails and is on sale for £26,500 at the Hammered exhibition at Gallery 27, in London.

...Marcus Levine's artwork is made up of thousands of alloy nails driven into white board. Petra Study 2 uses 27,200 nails and is on sale for £27,000

By hammering the nails in at varying heights and distances he is able to create distinct tones

A close-up of some of the nails in one of his works

Lips uses 3,500 nails and is on sale for £3,500

Tamas Study 3 uses 15,100 nails and is on sale for £15,000

Marcus Levine poses with Tamas Study 2

Marcus Levine at work

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Hammered Art
by Shakti Panchal on Mar/29,2010 ( diamond user)

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