HDFC Bank is a big fraud

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Hi guys,

This mail is not a froward Mail. This is true happening with me i.e. Amit Kumar working with IBM Pune.

I feel this HDFC Bank is a big fraud and i would request you all not to use its services.

I have a Bank account with HDFC Shankar Seth Road Branch, Pune.
For some reason i couldn;t maintain the Average Quaterly Balance for quarter Oct 2006 to Dec 2006.
For which they deducted Rs 750. for which i was fine with.
But in Jan I noticed that there has are a lot of small charges being deducted from my account.
Like Rs 125, Rs 3.60, Rs 30.00 etc
When i talked to Customer care, they said since you have not maintained a quarterly balance in last quarter.
you will be charged some fees for all transactions that i do in next quarter. To tell you people that In Jan 2007, I had a lot of money in my account.
Even then they don;t consider that and they keep deducting charges for every transactions like ATM withdrawal, Cheque book issue etc.
And this would conitnue till next whole quarter. So if you make approx 100 transaction in next 3 months then you will end up loosing thousands of your hard earned ruppes.

And don;t know why they deduct these charges. They don;t provide proper Online services. You cannot transfer money online from a HDFC Bank to any other Bank. For every thing you need to run to branch.

SO, Moral of the story is that When it comes to servies these people are last and when it comes to deducting charges they are Always First.

Now i am going to close the account. And i would suggest all you people who have  a Bank Account with HDFC.. BEWARE...

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