He is the most handsome in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Shobana Sharma
  karma level 348

Thank you for Good site
My name is Shobana Sharma from mumbai ,India .
I decided
to introduce you to one of the most hand some and attached face and best super artist from india but now he live in iran.
His name is RAJAN IRANI and im an huge fan of him!

Rajan Irani is indian realist painter . He was born on 4 september 1971 in iran.

His nick name of Rajan Irani.He live in iran and in iran his name is ali pourahmad .

B ut he is indian .His father and mother are indian.

Rajans maternal grandfather was a indian businessman that he came from mumbai to Iran and remained there after marrying an Iranian.

When Rajan was 4 years old,his grandfather died and Since he spoke only Farsi ! Becuase in Iran is persian language the only official language and people used in all places.

However he was in love with India and he began learning the indian language at house. Rajan Irani would listen to the radio , look at the film and spok to his mother and father !He learned soon the urdo language and through his interest in India !

Persian was the language outside his house at all time in iran !
He got deep Learning method that helps him use English learning and maybe he would have learned even faster and lost less of his time.

When he find a new word, always write down The Phrase it was he got this tips from his efforts the go ahead and Now Rajan Irani can speaks several languages like persian,english,urdo,arabic,deutch .

He loves all people of the world.

He is also an super star in arts.Rajan is one of the best and famous Painter ,singer,music composer,good player,poet,photographer,video clip director and movies animator in Iran.

He completed his undergraduate study at free university from iran in the financial field but he dislike of suffocating, and the Extremist in limited internal cultural problem lies at world's front door that it is his problem for live in iran.

He has nearly 25  years of experience creating permanent and temporary public artist. he graduated in the Accounting Field .But he had never been in Financial accounts filed becuase he hates these field !

In the past he was General manager of  financial department from iran air airline company but he Resigned from the job and He continued in  arts. Rajan irani is enlightened man that he loves all people of the world..And now he is manager of hundred art company.

We are interested in cooperation with your site,So please put his painting on your site
to better understand the world that he is good indian artist .

W 'd like to present to world  Some  of  Rajan irani s  beautifull painting below !

 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,Biography of Rajan Irani
Description, Painter Rajan Irani . English: Actor,Director,Music Composer,Singer, Painter . Date. 2 August 2010(2010-08-02). Source. Own work ...

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