Heart touching letter from a true Muslim friend to his non Muslim friend

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Heart touching letter from a-true-Muslim-friend to his non-Muslim friend...

NOTE: This letter is a summary of the feelings every true Muslim friend has towards his/her non-Muslim friends.

My dear non-Muslim friend ...please accept my apologies for I am not able to convey the message of the one and only Almighty to you which as a Muslim I am entrusted with.
There are many reasons for this disobedience---most important one of them being that you might take my approach otherwise, ( like as if I was forcing you to accept the true message--or in simple terms forcing you to accept Islam ), and I do not wish that feeling to take birth in your heart and hurt your sentiments and our friendship as well...

My dear friend, Almighty Allah has entrusted the duty to all Muslims to spread the message of truth to all human beings.

But, unfortunately, we Muslims have distanced ourselves from the Qur'an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and all the Prophets (peace be upon them all) that came before Him {Jeasus(a.s.), Moses(a.s.), Ibraheem(a.s.), Noah(a.s.) a total of one and half lac}.

Because of some black-sheeps among the Muslims, which happen to be in all the other communities as well, people all around the world are treating Islam as the religion that preaches terrorism, which is very unfortunate. We cannot blame the Merc-Benz car just because a bad driver is driving it.

My dear friend I request you to kindly go through and do research starting from your own holy book before you try to understand Islam. Because all the major religious books such as that of Hinduism, Christianity, Jewism etc. asks its followers to follow the path of the last messenger of Almighty i.e. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Not only the name of the last Prophet is mentioned in the religious books of major religions of the world but even the place of birth, name of parents, number of His companions, and most of His teachings and attributes can be found in Vedas, Bible, Torah....

By doing this we can at-least try to follow the things that are common in your religion and mine. The differences can be taken care of later.

By writing this letter to you I may be skipping my part of duty of conveying the message directly, but believe me I am trying to prevent our friendship from any cracks and misunderstandings...

But believe me you are free to go ahead and perform your part of duty, quietly, at your own by doing a research on our own being. Because we are in this world for a short span of time and this will vanish in a blink of eye. This life is an examination of our faith and an examination of the extent to which we can submit our will to Almighty. The eternal, hereafter will depend on which faith we breathe our Last Breath on.

Last words-- I am trying to sum up my sincere and true feelings towards you, so that this letter does not become boring.

Finally, you are always welcome from my side (or from any of your Muslim friends ) to ask anything regarding any confusions arising in your mind regarding the letter or your research. We will try to answer you with the little knowledge we possess.

And if, in any case, we were not able to satisfy you and answer your doubts, Almighty has promised that He will show you the signs of the true path.

Allah is my witness that I have tried many indirect ways of conveying the message to you.

Love you !!!!!
May Almighty help you and guide you.

Yours truly, faithfully and with sincere apologies ,
Your Muslim friend.

Feel free to contact me at a.true.muslim.friend@gmail.com...

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