karma level 73135

Jupiter and Venus were in conjunction and looked as if they were getting closer. Photo: Felicia Sutantyo in Melbourne, Australia.

For a while, Venus seemed to disappear under the crescent moon. Mike Bristow took this picture from his back garden in Nairobi, Kenya.

Carlos Bacigalupo took this beautiful shot from his home in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

Aksel De Meester in Bangkok: "when I left the office, I saw a crowd taking pictures, and I was wondering which important person was there. A smile in times of trouble. Couldn’t suppress a smile myself".

This is how it was seen from Tel Aviv, Israel. Doriel Haimov captured this smiling face in the night sky.( A HEAVENLY WINK?)

David McEachan: "The view of the once in a lifetime astronomical view from my front door in Muscat, Oman".

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