Heights of Technology

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I wish I had this for my mom's chili...but then again, with hers you could always check to see if it was eating through the tablecloth...Please view full as compression is killing my careful work...
iFood Dinner detector




I can't count the number of times that I've stopped myself in the middle of a dream and wondered, "Hey, how long have I been sleeping?"
If only I had the Snoozy Sleep Master at a time like that!
Please view in full - I'll give you a free smile if you do - just like McDonald's!
Sleep Master





This super razor has several utilities such as: A special detector spotlight, USB port to interact with other devices, a rear view mirror (we are never too prudent), multifunction digital display, front antenna, several others sensors and all this controlled by a powerful 8088 Intel processor with 16 Meg of RAM. Connectors sold separately.
Power Razor




Why stick with the boring 2D flat keyboard when you can be handling a brand new 3D cubed keyboard!



Multi-function Mouse



Bottom of Form



Tells you whether it is empty or full, so you know when you need to refill.
Intelligent Glass



Bottom of Form



With text messaging, fax/modem, laser printer and mint warmer. Instant, automatic notification if wrist fracture should occur. Deluxe model includes a state of the art digital time piece as well.
X-Ray Watch



Bottom of Form





We've integrated state-of-the-art Heads Up Display (HUD) technology with your vehicle, allowing you to play WHILE driving. The optional force-feedback module (shown here) lets you use your vehicle's controls to play, adding to the realism of your favorite driving games.
Driving You Crazy








Burns 700 megs worth of data in just under 3 seconds. How's that for speed?
CD Burner





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