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Paris picture special: Hot new cars coming soon

The glitzy concept cars may have taken most of the limelight at the Paris show, but they're not the whole story. Motor shows have traditionally been places where car manufacturers can display their current and future wares - and that's still the case today. Yahoo! Cars has picked the top cars revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show that you will be able to buy in showrooms shortly.

Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S Line
On sale date: 2011
We thought it would be called the S1, but Audi proved us wrong. The hottest A1 yet is known as the A1 1.4 TFSI S Line - which is a bit of a mouthful. Even so, it features a 183bhp 1.4-litre engine, which makes it capable of 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds, and a top speed of 141mph.

On sale date: November
The latest BMW X3 impressed us when we drove it earlier in the year in pre-production format. It's much more spacious than the outgoing model and better looking. Prices are lower, it's better to drive and you get more for your money.

Citroen C4
On sale date: Early 2011
Citroen has its work cut out for it with the C4, as it has to go head-to-head with the Ford Focus , VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra . It looks sharp though, and there's an e-HDi 'micro-hybrid' version boasting 109g/km and 64.2mpg.

Citreon DS4
On sale date: 2011
The second new-generation DS model is the DS4 crossover. It's a distinctive-looking car and promises buyers a smart, upmarket interior. It will have to be good to steal sales from the popular Nissan Qashqai, though.

Ford Focus
On sale date: 2011
An all-new Focus will replace the incredibly successful existing model next year, so it has big shoes to fill. The Focus ST hot hatch also made its debut at Paris and will go on sale in 2012 - it's powered by a 2.0-litre 247bhp EcoBoost engine.

Honda Jazz Hybrid
On sale date: Early 2011
Honda claims to have invented the world's first hybrid supermini in the Jazz Hybrid. It uses the same 1.3-litre engine and electric power system as the Honda Insight and promises 62.4mpg and 104g/km.

Range Rover Evoque
On sale date: Summer 2011
You can't have missed the Range Rover Evoque. In front-wheel drive guise it will offer 58mpg and less than 130g/km, rendering it the most efficient Range Rover ever, but it will still be just as plush inside.

Lexus CT 200h
On sale date: March 2010
Starting price: £23,485
Toyota 's luxury arm, Lexus, has developed an entry-level hybrid model that's set to rival the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series . Expect 134bhp from the 1.8-litre engine and hybrid system, along with 68.9mpg and 96g/km,

Mercedes Benz CLS
On sale date: 2011
Merc's four-door coupé has been given a new body after seven years in production. It's still a great-looking car and offers the same mix of svelte looks and saloon car-style practicality.

Peugeot 508
On sale date: early 2011
The 508 saloon will replace Peugeot's existing 407 and 607 when it goes on sale next year. An eco-friendly e-HDi version will feature, along with a four-wheel drive HYbrid4 variant.

Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4
On sale date: Spring 2011
This is the very first diesel hybrid car. It's powered by a 163bhp 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine and a 37bhp electric motor at the rear. That also makes it four-wheel drive and means 74.4mpg and 99g/km.

Volkswagen Passat
On sale date: January 2011
It's not hugely different to look at in comparison to its predecessor, but the VW Passat is a big seller, so a new version is always important. A 1.6-litre BlueMotion variant will offer 69mpg.

Porsche 911 Speedster
On sale date: January 2011
The latest Speedster is an homage to the namesake Porsche launched in 1953. The double bubble roof cover and black stone guards hark back to Porsches of old and it features a 402bhp 3.8-litre engine.

On sale date: Sold out already!
Essentially a convertible version of the Ferrari 599, the SA APERTA is no less a stunner and pumps out an incredible 661bhp. Don't get too excited though, as only 80 will be made and they've all been sold already.



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