How Many Calories Are Burned During Exercise?

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Calories burned during exercise is influenced by body weight, workout intensity, conditioning level and metabolism. Many activities are shown in the alphabetized list below, with calories expended per hour for different weights.

(1 lbs = 0.453 Kgs)

Aerobics, general
Aerobics, high impact
Aerobics, low impact
Aerobics, step aerobics
Backpacking, Hiking with pack
Bagging grass, leaves
Bakery, light effort
Ballet, twist, jazz, tap
Ballroom dancing, fast
Ballroom dancing, slow
Basketball game, competitive
Basketball, playing, non game
Basketball, shooting baskets
Basketball, wheelchair
Bathing dog
Bird watching
Boating, power, speed boat
Boxing, in ring
Boxing, punching bag
Boxing, sparring
Calisthenics, light, pushups, situps…
Calisthenics, fast, pushups, situps…
Canoeing, camping trip
Canoeing, rowing, light
Canoeing, rowing, moderate
Canoeing, rowing, vigorous
Carpentry, general
Carrying 16 to 24 lbs, upstairs
Carrying 25 to 49 lbs, upstairs
Carrying heavy loads
Carrying infant, level ground
Carrying infant, upstairs
Carrying moderate loads upstairs
Carrying small children
Children's games, hopscotch...
Circuit training, minimal rest
Cleaning gutters
Cleaning, dusting
Climbing hills, carrying up to 9 lbs
Climbing hills, carrying 10 to 20 lb
Climbing hills, carrying 21 to 42 lb
Climbing hills, carrying over 42 lb
Coaching: football,basketball,soccer
Coal mining, general
Construction, exterior, remodeling
Crew, sculling, rowing, competition
Cricket (batting, bowling)
Cross country snow skiing, slow
Cross country skiing, moderate
Cross country skiing, racing
Cross country skiing, uphill
Cross country skiing, vigorous
Cycling, 10mph, leisure bicycling
Cycling, >20mph, racing
Cycling, 10-11.9mph, light
Cycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate
Cycling, 14-15.9mph, vigorous
Cycling, 16-19mph, very fast, racing
Cycling, mountain bike, bmx
Darts (wall or lawn)
Diving, springboard or platform
Downhill snow skiing, moderate
Downhill snow skiing, racing
Electrical work, plumbing
Farming, baling hay, cleaning barn
Farming, chasing cattle on horseback
Farming, feeding horses or cattle
Farming, feeding small animals
Farming, grooming animals
Fire fighter, climbing ladder, full gear
Fire fighter, hauling hoses on ground
Fishing from boat, sitting
Fishing from riverbank, standing
Fishing from riverbank, walking
Fishing in stream, in waders
Fishing, general
Fishing, ice fishing
Flying airplane (pilot)
Football or baseball, playing catch
Football, competitive
Football, touch, flag, general
Forestry, ax chopping, fast
Forestry, ax chopping, slow
Forestry, carrying logs
Forestry, sawing by hand
Forestry, trimming trees
Frisbee playing, general
Frisbee, ultimate frisbee
Gardening, general
General cleaning
Golf, driving range
Golf, general
Golf, miniature golf
Golf, using power cart
Golf, walking and pulling clubs
Golf, walking and carrying clubs
Hacky sack
Handball, team
Health club exercise
Hiking, cross country
Hockey, field hockey
Hockey, ice hockey
Horesback riding, saddling horse
Horse grooming
Horse racing, galloping
Horse racing, trotting
Horse racing, walking
Horseback riding
Horseback riding, grooming horse
Horseback riding, trotting
Horseback riding, walking
Horseshoe pitching
Housework, light
Housework, moderate
Housework, vigorous
Hunting, general
Hunting, large game
Hunting, small game
Ice skating, 9 mph
Ice skating, average speed
Ice skating, rapidly
Instructing aerobic class
Jai alai
Judo, karate, jujitsu, martial arts
Jumping rope, fast
Jumping rope, moderate
Jumping rope, slow
Kick boxing
Krav maga class
Loading, unloading car
Machine tooling, sheet metal
Machine tooling, tapping, drilling
Marching band, playing instrument
Marching, rapidly, military
Masonry, concrete
Masseur, masseuse, standing
Mild stretching
Moving heavy objects, moving van
Mowing lawn, riding mower
Mowing lawn, walk, power mower
Music, playing a cello
Music, playing drums
Music, playing guitar
Music, playing piano
Music, playing trombone
Music, playing trumpet
Music, playing violin
Nursing, patient care
Paddle boat
Paddleball, competitive
Paddleball, playing
Pistol shooting, trap shooting, range
Playing pool, billiards
Police, directing traffic, standing
Police, making an arrest
Pushing a wheelchair
Pushing plane in and out of hanger
Pushing stroller, walking with children
Race walking
Racquetball, competitive
Racquetball, playing
Raking lawn
Riding motorcyle
Riding, snow blower
Rock climbing, ascending rock
Rock climbing, mountain climbing
Rock climbing, rappelling
Roller blading, in-line skating
Roller skating
Rowing machine, light
Rowing machine, moderate
Rowing machine, very vigorous
Rowing machine, vigorous
Running, 5 mph (12 minute mile)
Running, 5.2 mph (11.5 minute mile)
Running, 6 mph (10 min mile)
Running, 6.7 mph (9 min mile)
Running, 7 mph (8.5 min mile)
Running, 7.5mph (8 min mile)
Running, 8 mph (7.5 min mile)
Running, 8.6 mph (7 min mile)
Running, 9 mph (6.5 min mile)
Running, 10 mph (6 min mile)
Running, 10.9 mph (5.5 min mile)
Running, cross country
Running, general
Running, on a track, team practice
Running, stairs, up
Running, training, pushing wheelchair
Sailing, competition
Sailing, yachting, ocean sailing
Shoveling snow by hand
Shoveling, digging ditches
Shuffleboard, lawn bowling
Sit, playing with animals, light
Sitting, light office work
Ski machine
Ski mobiling
Skiing, water skiing
Skin diving, fast
Skin diving, moderate
Skin diving, scuba diving
Skindiving or scuba diving
Sky diving
Sledding, tobagganing, luge
Snow shoeing
Snow skiing, downhill skiing, light
Soccer, competitive
Soccer, playing
Softball or baseball
Softball, officiating
Softball, pitching
Speed skating, ice, competitive
Stair machine
Standing, bartending, store clerk
Standing, playing with children, light
Stationary cycling, light
Stationary cycling, moderate
Stationary cycling, very light
Stationary cycling, very vigorous
Stationary cycling, vigorous
Steel mill, working in general
Stretching, hatha yoga
Surfing, body surfing or board surfing
Swimming backstroke
Swimming breaststroke
Swimming butterfly
Swimming laps, freestyle, fast
Swimming laps, freestyle, slow
Swimming leisurely, not laps
Swimming sidestroke
Swimming synchronized
Swimming, treading water, fast
Swimming, treading water, moderate
Table tennis, ping pong
Tae kwan do, martial arts
Tai chi
Tailoring, general
Taking out trash
Teach exercise class ( participate)
Teach physical education class
Tennis playing
Tennis, doubles
Tennis, singles
Track and field (high jump, pole vault)
Track and field (hurdles)
Track and field (shot, discus)
Truck driving, loading,unloading truck
Typing, computer data entry
Using crutches
Volleyball playing
Volleyball, beach
Volleyball, competitive
Walk / run, playing, moderate
Walk / run, playing, vigorous
Walking 2.0 mph, slow
Walking 2.5 mph
Walking 3.0 mph, moderate
Walking 3.5 mph, brisk pace
Walking 3.5 mph, uphill
Walking 4.0 mph, very brisk
Walking 4.5 mph
Walking 5.0 mph
Walking downstairs
Walking the dog
Walking, pushing a wheelchair
Walking, snow blower
Walking, under 2.0 mph, very slow
Water aerobics
Water aerobics, water calisthenics
Water jogging
Water polo
Water volleyball
Watering lawn or garden
Weeding, cultivating garden
Weight lifting, body building, vigorous
Weight lifting, light workout
Whitewater rafting, kayaking,canoeing
Windsurfing, sailing


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