Illusions unlimited.

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The Tallest Soldier Illusion
Can You Pick Out the Tallest Soldier?
Did You Find Him?
They Are All the Same Height!

How many legs does this elephant have?
4, 5, 6, maybe 7?

- - - Good Luck Figuring It Out! - -

Landscape Of Faces Illusion
Do You See A Landscape of Faces?

Reversible Picture
What do you see in each picture after it is flipped...
Look Closely!

Courtyard or Terrace Illusion
Is this a Courtyard or Terrace?
You Decide...

The Rabbit or Duck Illusion
Do you see a Rabbit or a Duck?

If, you Look Hard...

You Can See Both!

Take a very close look at this image!
Is the left center circle bigger?

Actually, they're both the same size. 

Take a very close look at this image!
What do you see?

Do you see a face?


Do you see the word 'Liar?'

Take a very close look at this image!
What do you see?

Looks like something on this man's mind... 

Take a very close look at this image!
How many faces can you find in this picture?

After personally looking for 10 minutes, I found 15.
Did you find more?

Take a close look at this image.
What do you see?

Do you see a Beautiful Woman?
A Cool Jazz Horn Blower?

How Can This Be True?

Take a very close look at the 2 vertical lines.
Do you think one line is longer than the other?

Actually these lines are the exact same length! 

Stare at this image as long as you can...

It will eventualy drive you crazy...

Take a look at the picture below...
Can you see the Face on earth?

How About Now...

Amazing, huh...??? 

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