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Negotiation skills !! Funny Management Lesson

As we know, Raavan was killed in the battle with Rama. Anyone getting killed on a battlefield is entitled to go to heaven so Raavan also went there.

Due to his connections (he is the brother of Kuber), he soon got lots of powers and people started worshiping him.

Once Pappu started praying to Raavan and 1 year later Ravan was very happy after seeing Pappu's bhakti. Then Raavan decides to give 3 vardans (wishes) to Pappu.

Ravan: "say vatsa what u want"
Pappu: "I want 100 vardans "

Ravan: "but I can give u only 3 vardans"
Pappu: "but I want 100 vardans"

Ravan: "no child that's not possible "
Pappu: "no, I want 100 means 100"

Ravan: "no, I can give u only 3. take them or else I m going."
Pappu: "OK but whatever I will ask, u will give me definitely?"

Ravan: "sure its a promise from rakshas raj Ravan"
Pappu: "1st vardan, convert Ur GADA to a wooden bamboo stick"

Ravan: "tathastu" and his gada turned into a stick.
Pappu: "second vardan, put that stick in ur as*hole..deep inside..!!

Ravan: (confused but........)"Tathastu" and in great pain he asks Pappu for the third vardan...
Pappu: "now are you giving me the rest 97 vardans or should I convert that stick again to GADA?

The  Moral  of the Story: -
  Management will not yield to your simple request until you give them a pain in their Ass.  :))



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