Learn Kannada!!! in 5 easy steps

  karma level Awesome


CHAPTER I ---------

01. Chindi   : Too good
02. Bombat   : Incredible
03. Sak'kat  : Awesome
04. Blade    : Got screwed (also see 'Kuiey' in chap 3)
05. Topi     : Got cheated
06. Chatri   : No1 fraud
07. Adjust   : Anytime you are caught on the wrong foot use this word
08. Kirik    : Mess
09. Magane   : Anybody (Male) who does not keep in touch!!!
10. Lo       : Anybody (Male) who keeps in touch always
11. Madam    :
Any girl who becomes a friend thus putting an end to
any mischief you want to commit
12. Chitranna : To be used with Chindi. It means had a gala time
13. Maj'A    : Fun. To be used with Sakkat depending on the amount of
fun you had
14. Jai Aagu : Fully disapper
15. Yenne : Liquor (Not oil!)

CHAPTER II ----------

01. Panta: Good in fundamentals, very able person. High IQ. Also used
for teasing
02. Kudami: Book worm.
03. Pantar Ke Gin: Gina of Puntas i.e. king of punters.
04. Tuppa: Very easy to grasp.
05. Hodeskonda: Got screwed.
06. Biddaah: Total flat for the outward shining of any
07. Guru: Mix of Lo and magane.
08. Deevru: Person who is seen once in a while.
09. Sisyaaa: Close friend in need of free advice.  
10. Solid: Great deal.


1. Baggu: Don't fool me, u better be.  
12. Othla/Thooku/Dumki: Total gone case.
14. Kirik: Problem, nuisance, Mess. Eg. Heavy kirikkamma
15. Blade/Kori: Li! e
16. Siva: same as guru
17. Magane: Eno magane, pathene ella? Elli beli haaroke hogidde?
18. Piece: Beautiful female
19. Anna: Must be used when yuo are talking with Bigges.
20. Thirtha/Prasada: Same as Yenne
21. Sight/Line/Dove: Other names for Loving
22. Hakki/Birds/Colors: Pretty girls
23. Guldu: Person who is ve r! y innocent.
24. Maavana Mane: Police Station.



CHAPTER III -----------
01. Chamak: alias Minchu. show o! ff ; derive 'scope' (see Mileage)
02. Tagadu: Opposite of Punta. A person of very low IQ. Dudhead,
03: Turimane:- Dentally forward
04: Dabba: Same as 2
05. Maska: see Benne
06. Benne: Butter. Used to promote relationship. esp. political,
organisational etc. Building goodwill in a viley way
07. Biscuit: Lancha
08.Chamcha : A Person who uses lot of 'Maska' to promote his self
villan in old kannada movies, nowadays potrayed as a statesman
09. Yenne/Gundu: Liquor
10. Kuiey: A Boring session.  
11. Saaru: An informal greeting. opp. of Sir which is mark of respect.
12. Sustu: Tired or, when you are Dazed.
13. Burdey: Lie. Also referred as 'Reel' or 'Rail'
14. Dani: Boss.

15. Olu: Same as Burude (Upendra's contribution)
16. Kivege Huvvu: same
17. Mabbu: Same as GulDu.
18. Damar: The End.
19. Udis: See Damar

Chapter IV ----------

01. Guraiusu: Gazing with anger
02. Jamaiusu: Enjoy
03. Lagaiusu: See Jamaiusu
04. Udaisu: Enjoy others Property
05. Pattaisu: Trap a girl
06. Bitti/Osi(O'c): Free
07. Mundaisu/Bolisu: Shave others Purses.
08. Shikshe: Great punishment.
09. Bharatharatna\SatyaHarishchandra :- person who is very honest.
10. Achchu\Batti: To copy in exams.
11. Seize: Caughted Redhand.
12. Sinku: Escape Eg. Poice baruva munche baa maga sink agi bidona
13.Kalakar:- Jack of all.
14. Uri: Jealousey (Stomach burning).
15. Aata:  game

Chapter V ---------
Adda: Hangout place.
Deal: Buisness
Sketch: Plan for Supari Killings
Laang: Famous weapon
Finish: End life
Hudugaru: Chelas of Don.
Dichchi: Nanna Magane ondu dichchi kodla?
Ikku: Bash or Beat.
Namma Area: Our area
Mamulu: Haftha.
Kaki: Police
Linku: Nexus


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