ArChNa KaMrA
  karma level 3050

Libra ( 8th october, 1962) -- almost fits me.

Librians : Our element, Air, lends us grace and charm. we have a sure talent for delicacy , very flexible and adapt ourself easily to different situations. Like all the signs of Air we have a deep fear of boredom and routine. But we don't always know how to do what it takes to escape from them.We are kind and caring with a sympathetic disposition, generous by nature and are loving and affectionate.We rarely loose our temper, but when two or three times in our lives that we do, everyone Peacemaker, refined, gracious, creative, cooperative, extroverted and sociable. W're most definitely a thinker --we like to use our mind to tackle problems.
We find it hard to make decisions for ourself generally. We dont like arguments and discussions but if we do then completely correct we are.

" With the balance of earth and sky we walk in beauty and harmony "
" Hate me , but i won't stop telling you the truth "

On the negative side have negative thoughts with immense thinking and oftenly this may leads to strong depressions. Easily influenced, very sensitive, sentimental and indecisive . We have a difficult time making decisions partly because we see both sides.

Don't worry, we don't have to get rid of all our garbage in one day; but we better commit to cleaning up our act.

Love is the universal order, we are the atoms;
love is the ocean, we are the drops.
Love has offered us a hundred proofs;
we are looking for reasons.
Through love, the heavens are ordered;
without love, suns and moons are eclipsed,
Through love what was bent is made straight;
without love, what was straight becomes bent. - Rumi, Libra

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