Maharashtra Assembly Elections (Sept 2009) = Lok Satta Party Calls

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Dear Fellow Mumbaikar's,

Lok Satta through it's state-wide movement in Andhra Pradesh, recently offered the best and credible political platform for changing our politics by putting up 248 and 38 candidates for Assembly and Parliament elections. It secured 1.72% of popular votes and 1 Assembly seat,
with a low level of spent and almost blanking out by the major media in spite of popular support to the leader and the party in AP.

A small beginning for the Lok Satta but a giant leap for new politics.

This email is being sent to 40,000 Mumbaikar's and Lok Satta
expects/requests them to forward it to their contacts. You are on the contact list of Lok Satta as you feel deeply and strongly about a need for a change. The time has come to show how much? Army cannot march on empty stomachs. .This is a call for donation of Rs 5000 each for the cause and also to take up local leadership.

Read through ............ .....

Lets take this as a challenge and see if we, the concerned people, have resources to take up the challenge. The enlightened citizens with ability, means and influence will have to come forward and accept the burden of leadership at every level. We can’t afford to remain on sidelines waiting for somebody else to come and bring about change. We need to fight for what is right and accelerate transformation. We owe it to our children. We have to strengthen the movement for clean politics from the grassroots, attract competent and principled leadership, and mobilize resources honestly to sustain clean politics.

Actually most of you can pay or collect Rs 5000. If those who are supposed to be concerned will not pay then how can we target others??!!!

Participate and help Lok Satta to build a
'"low cost - high impact political campaign"' to create a new political culture of clean politics.

Please reply to info.maharashtra@ loksatta. com on by next week if you will participate in this effort. Please reply on even if you will not. Please take this as a top priority..

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What you can do & what support you will get from Lok Satta:

1- Come forward and take leadership of your Area (Only 250 houses in your neighbourhood)
2- Your effort will be to build up your team of about 5 citizen in your area.

3- You will be initially given names and contact details of 20 citizen of your Area
4 - Your team will identify the related issues of your area, and lead citizen campaigns.

5- Your team  will help Lok Satta to put up Candidates for coming Assembly elections.

6- Your team will have to contact 250 house hold in your Area about four times as part of the door door to campaign until Assembly elections in Sept 2009.

7- Your team will be provided all material, documentation, training and guidance for this effort.

8- Contribute Rs 5000/- towards the cause.

Your time commitment:   Very Limited.

Lok Satta believes that citizen participation in the above process will dismantle the need of money/muscle power, dynastic and vote bank politics. This will be low cost + high impact method of campaigning. However it would be successful only if you are ready to take a step forward in your area ....!!!!....
just 250 houses in your neighbourhood.

Please contact on 0 22 2377 2279:

Citizens from City - Shraddha  

Citizens from Western Suburbs - Pallavi

Citizen from Central Suburbs - Jayshree
Citizens from Eastern Suburbs - Mrunalini

For Donations - Nagesh

Coordinator of this effort - Virochan
Chief Coordinator of this effort - Prof. (Dr) J. Adsule

Introduction of Lok Satta

We all accept that our politics is holding us back. We all agree that the only antidote to vote-buying, freebies, muscle power and divisive politics is clean and honest politics and awakening and trusting citizens.  For such a new political culture to take roots, we have to overcome few formidable obstacles. Lok Satta, over last 12 years (10 years as a civil society movement (NGO) and 2 years as a political party), has evolved a set of beliefs, policies and approaches which are right for India, harmonize conflicting interests, and are broadly acceptable to all sections of the public.  

If we can usher in New Political Culture and transform politics in one or two major cities, it will be easier to transform the rest of the country through similar efforts . The forces of status quo are strong, entrenched and determined. They will yield neither politely nor easily.  We therefore have to fight assiduously and make ethical politics sustainable and successful.

The Lok Satta is ushering in a new political and governance culture. For too long, the silent majority comprising youth and women has been fed up with corrupt & dynastic politics and impersonal, centralised governance but has felt helpless in the absence of a credible platform.  The Lok Satta is a platform so that the silent majority can unleash a silent revolution.

  • A revolution for clean politics.
  • A revolution to end corruption.
  • A revolution to end dynastic politics.
  • A revolution to provide 12 years of good quality education to all of our citizens.
  • A revolution to support all those who want to access higher education.
  • A revolution for good, affordable health care, so no family has to make the terrible choice between food and medicines.
  • A revolution for equal justice for all.
  • A revolution for complete empowerment of the local governments.
  • A revolution for a government that is centred around the citizen.
  • A revolution for better urban transport.
  • A revolution for a police force that adequately protects the rights of our people.
  • A revolution for a sensible affirmative action policy, one in which only the truly deserving get the benefits of reservation.
  • A revolution for one India and one people in which all citizens' constitutional rights are protected.
T he silent majority wants clean politics and good governance.  All they need is the assurance that we are not alone in seeking change.

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