MEGA OIL Refinery at Tamilnadu 75 MMTPA

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ENKORR Energys Limited, India

The business of ENKORR derived from its Promoters focusing on refining Crude Petroleum Oil and delivering value-added Petroleum products and by-products to the World herewith proposes to set up a Merchant Petroleum Refinery at Ramnad District in the State of Tamilnadu, India. It would be a 100% Export Oriented 75 Million Metric Tonnes per annum Grass-root Petroleum Refining Facility, along with an IGCC based Power plant, Group III Lube Plant, 1 MMTPA Ethylene Complex, 1 MMTPA Aromatics Complex, Captive Marine Oil Terminal, Crude oil and Product Tankers, Crude Oil and Product storage Tanks, Desalination Plant, Single Buoy Moorings, Ocean Going vessels, Pipeline Network and a Township. When completed, it will be one of the world’s largest grass-root refineries.

One another refinery of similar size and configuration is been planned for the west coast of India.

Five Trains each of 15 MMTPA capacity, Associated primary processing facilities, Processing units to ensure conformity to Euro V Norms, Petrochemical Naphtha Cracker, Ethylene Complex, Aromatics Complex, Captive Power plant, Secondary processing facilities to enhance production of light end products, Crude Tankages to store 30-45 days consumption., Product Tankages to store 30-45 days of production, All other Offsite Tankages, Utility systems for production of power, steam, nitrogen, hydrogen, industrial air, cooling water, De-Salination plant for conversion of seawater etc., Marine Terminals, Pipeline Corridors

State-of-the-Art Technology - Unique Hydrocracker, IGCC, Group III lube plant, state of the art Crude Distillation Unit and Gas Treating Units, Vacuum Distillation Units, Naphtha Hydrotreater/Platformer, Kerosene Treater, Diesel Hydro Treater (to meet Euro V Norms), Fluid Cat Cracker, Resid Cracker / Delayed Coker, Ethylene Complex, Aromatics Complex, optional units for Alkylation, Bitumen, Olefin Separation and other Treating Units



A Couple of EIA Figures that determines the size of business…

....World energy consumption is projected to reach 285 million barrels per day, by 2020 an increase of 65 percent over the last 24-year historical period.

Market Growth (Platts Study)

… Apac needs refining capacity, China to lead the oil boom as No. 1..



• Extensive Technical Expertise in the organization (Over 100 combined years)
• Experience in handling large volume intensive refineries
• Market Awareness and Strong Product Positioning Strategy
• Availability of highly skilled resources at a very low cost compared to global standards
• Refinery can process a variety of crude-oils in the world
• Produces niche products
• High value-addition through Group III Lubes, Olefins, Alkylase processing
• Low cost power supply from captive power plant
• ROI better than Industry standards due to fiscal incentives, location, 100% foreign exchange earnings etc.,


• Delayed entry into the Market
• Present product surplus in domestic market
• Entry at a time of increased price volatility in market


• Market size experiencing compounded growth by 2008-10
• Projected Domestic sales will be apprx. 20% of the Indian petroleum market share.
• Projected Export sales will be apprx. 1.5 % of the World petroleum market share.
• Strong relationship with Industry Partners
• Leverage potential client needs for periodical upgrade on the products
• Growing demand for Refined Products (Refer projections below).
• MNC oil companies deciding to focus on upstream and marketing giving scope for downstream players like ENKORR


• High requirement of Capital Resources at short notice due to price volatility
• Cartel by domestic players
• World Political changes leading to instability in oil market.
• Increased price volatility leading to deployment of more capital resulting in less returns in terms of quantum produced vis-à-vis product prices
• Sudden surge in number of competitors due to refinery startups of shutdown plants, which is unlikely for the next 2 years
• Rapid technological advancements in the Refinery Industry resulting in a paradigm shift in product quality.
• Increased Environmental considerations resulting in increased capital expenditure to meet newer standards


• The first Merchant Refinery in India
• The single largest grassroots refinery in the world
• 75 MMTPA operational capacity gives enormous Economies of Scale
• Project has received clearance from Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India and also the support of the State Industries Department.
• Basic Engineering Design proposed to be done by M/s LURGI of Germany.
• Project Management to be done by JURONG INTERNATIONAL, Singapore. MOU signed
• The return on capital employed will be the highest in the petroleum sector in India
• The only niche refinery in India to produce niche products such as Group III Lubes, GTL etc.
• High end products meeting stringent Euro V Norms stipulated by European Parliament
• Flexibility to refine any type of crude-oil
• Export Oriented Unit status will give enormous fiscal advantages
• Crude-oil to be transported in Very Large Crude Carriers giving cost savings on freight
• Products to be exported which makes this a 100% forex earning project with no risk of exposure to volatility
• Crude-oil to be sourced and in return Products to be supplied to multinational trading companies and National Oil Companies
• The project Team comprises of Petroleum Experts with each person having 32-37 years experience and for many this would be their fifth refinery to be constructed under their stewardship
• Refinery to have specialised units such as IGCC for power plant, Group III Lube plant the first in India.
• Refinery is a Zero residue plant with no effluent let-out which makes it very environment friendly
• The only refinery to commence project implementation with Six Sigma standards

Thanks & Regards

Devasenapathy K | Asst Manager- Operations

HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd

Village Phullokhari | Taluka: Talwandi Saboo | 

Bhatinda | INDIA - 151001

Asvin Kumar Deepak

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