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A city made of ice, a shy panda and a very scenic active volcano
make our weekly photo retrospective.
Harbin in north eastern China plays host to the 28th annual Snow and Ice festival. 
Temperatures can plunge to as low as -30C - the perfect conditions for carving a whole city out of ice.
As well as spectacular sculptures, the festival also features a number of ice-based rides. Brrrrr! 

Italian Marco Fois dives into the Tiber River from the Cavour bridge,  as part of traditional New Year celebrations in Rome. 
Five men jumped into the muddy waters of the Tiber, continuing an annual tradition which dates back to 1946.
An aerial photograph shows a break in highway BR 356 that was washed away after several days of 
heavy rains swelled the Muriae River in Campos, 230 km (142 miles) northeast of Rio de Janeiro. 
Civil Defence officials said the 4,000 residents of the town were evacuated 
and they expect the flooding to continue for three to four months.
Bjoern Einar Romoeren, of Norway, makes an attempt during the training session of the third stage
 of the Four Hills ski jumping tournament in Innsbruck, Austria.  
A general view of the Baluarte Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the world, that connects the north western state of Sinaloa
 with Durango and Mazatlan.  At 1,124 metres long (3,687 feet) and hanging at over 400 metres high (1312 feet),
 the Baluarte Bridge is part of the country's elaborate bicentennial celebrations to mark its independence from Spain
 in 1810. It is so tall that it is believed that the Eiffel Tower could easily fit under the bridge's central span.  
Smoke and ash billows from Mount Etna framed by the Sicilian town of Zafferana, near Catania, southern Italy. 
The eruption of the Mount Etna volcano lasted a few hours and was the first in 2012.
Icicles cling to oranges in a small grove in Seffner, Florida. Temperatures in central Florida dipped into minus figures overnight. 
Farmers spray water on their crops to help keep them around 0°C protecting them from possible freeze damage.
People dressed as a "Chinese Dragon", swim in water at the Beijing Aquarium. 
The new year in the Chinese calendar is the year of Dragon which will fall on 21 January.  
Molly the dog walks around dead herring on a beach at Kvennes in Nordreisa, northern Norway.  
A vendor holds a cigarette pack printed with a picture bearing a striking likeness to Chelsea football player John Terry 
at his roadside stall in New Delhi A blurry picture of Terry appears on Gold Flake cigarette packets across the country 
with an anti-smoking warning was created by the Indian government's Directorate of Visual Publicity and approved
 by the health ministry last year. The advert has triggered complaints from Terry's representatives.
Helicopters fight a massive forest fire in the commune of Quillon, in southern Chile's Bio Bio region. Forest fires in southern Chile,
 fueled by intense heat and strong winds, advanced further on Tuesday after destroying nearly 100,000 acres.  
South Korea said on Thursday that it wants better relations with North Korea under its new leader Kim Jong-un
 (centre),  despite Pyongyang's fierce criticism of Seoul since the death of longtime ruler Kim Jong-il.  

An actor performs during the annual Epiphany parade as it made its way through central Madrid. 
The Christian holiday of Epiphany is observed as the date when the Three Wise Men visited the baby Jesus.  
Shy giant panda Qingfeng reacts as a photographer takes a photograph through a window at a zoo in Yantai,
 Shandong Province, China.  
A couple embrace as high winds cause waves to crash against Brighton beach. 
The UK was hit by two separate freak winter storms this week
 where winds up to 100mph ripped through the country- leaving at least three people dead, 
100,000 homes without power, trees uprooted and buildings damaged.  

Fireworks explode over the Houses of Parliament, including St Stephen's Tower which holds the bell known as Big Ben 
as London celebrates the arrival of New Years Day.  
US actress Meryl Streep arrives for the European premiere of 'The Iron Lady.' Prime Minister David Cameron criticised 
the timing of Margaret Thatcher's biopic film release, for the way it shows the former British prime minister suffering from dementia.  
Ringling Brothers' animal trainer, Taba Maluenda instructs the Indian Elephant, named Asia, 
how to bat a "home plate" on a makeshift baseball field during a Miami Marlins batting practice 
featuring elephants from the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus in Miami, Florida


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