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Scientists have discovered what drives monkey mothers to give in to their babies' tantrums. Here are some pictures of monkey mums sent in by BBC readers. Photo: Melinda Gelder in Yakushima Island, Japan.

Gideon Glassman took this picture in Wondo Genet, Central Ethiopia. He says contrary to what many people think, Ethiopia has some areas of green forest, fertile soil and large lakes.

Gurv Bahad found this Langur mother with her child at a train station in Maharashtra, India.

Letitia Nicholas loved this image of a monkey mother who was also eating while feeding her baby at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. She says she hopes to one day be as dedicated as a mother.

Jeevandra Sivarajah also captured this scene of a mother monkey with her baby at the Bali Wildlife Reserve.

Dave Clarke was also in Bali when he took this picture at an attraction called Monkey Forest. He says the baby is about one week old.

Norman Haikney: "This picture was taken in Ponmudi, India.

Elainie Madsen decided to send this picture of "Bonobo mothers gossiping" in Twycross, Leicestershire, in the UK.

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