Navajo Cove - The most beautiful Bay in Greece

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Navajo Cove - The most beautiful Bay in Greece

It's amazing blue water, sand, and all this surrounded by impregnable cliffs.

Many have seen pictures of the bay, but not many know that this Navajo Bay in Greece.


Dilapidated ship in the center of the beach has an interesting history:

In 1980 the ship "Panayiotis" transporting contraband tobacco from Turkey to Italy. About the Greek island of Zakynthos Marine Police demanded the ship's captain to stop, but he did not obey. Began chasing the ship.But it was not the only problem, "Panayotis": the island was a violent storm, during which the ship refused to drive. As a result, "Panayiotis" ran aground in a small bay, where he had been swept, where he was poymanmorskoy police. When the water is gone, the ship had remained standing on the sand, and the Greeks have decided it is not clear.Since then this place - one of the main attractions of the island of Zakynthos, located in the Ionian Sea. 


























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