Oktoberfest Preparations In Munich

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Oktoberfest 2010: Munich prepares for the beer festival

A woman displays the new Oktoberfest beer mug in a festival tent at the Theresienwiese in Munich, southern Germany. The world famous beer festival will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2010 and takes place from September 18 to October 4
Workers prepare the main entrance of the beer festival
A construction worker sits on top of a roller coaster in preparation for Oktoberfest
A man standing on a ladder works on fixing the Aloisius figure in the Hofbraeu beer tent
Workers clean tables and benches in a festival tent
Bakers produce traditional Bavarian prezels at the Goetz bakery in Taufkirchen, Germany. The Goetz bakery produces and delivers the traditional salty snack for the upcoming Oktoberfest beer festival
Traditional wooden figures lie inside a beer tent
A worker fixes light bulbs on the siding of the devil's wheel (Teufelsrad) fun ride
Workers attach the arm of a figure depicting the Grim Reaper outside a haunted house
A worker paints the inside of a festival tent
A worker decorates the roof of the stage for a brass band inside the Hacker festival tent
Workers prepare a tent for the beer festival
A man walks by an over-sized beer mug which will be displayed in a tent
The mascot of the German brewery 'Loewenbraeu' is pictured at the Theresienwiese

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