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ONfinity portable  interactive whiteboard with HID and built in voting system



FB150-V A4 size writing area

FB150-V portable and light weight


CM2 Max

CM2 Max HID version



FB150-V ( New  Build in voting system )

ONfinity FB150-V is a fully featured portable wireless interactive whiteboard system that enables interactive teaching from anywhere in the classroom. The superior wireless connectivity and easy portability makes it the ideal plug and play solution for interactive presentations and engagement.

The  built-in voting system of the FB150-V enables a truly interactive class or meeting experience.  One dongle is capable of supporting 48 voting systems,   which alongside its   real-time browse function to monitor the progress of the students .  With its cutting-edge design and wireless ability, the FB150-V is the most effective and innovative presentation tool designed for the next generation.


For details FB150-V brochure, please  email: Sales@Ontecgroup.com

CM2 Max ( New HID version )


The ONfinity CM2 MAX is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any standard whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall) or projection screen into an interactive whiteboard.
It requires NO signal receiver or device to be attached onto the projection screen surface making it fully portable between classrooms/ conference rooms.
The Interactive Whiteboard System CM2 MAX can also be used with a plasma screen by using the video-output of your PC.
With the new HID version feature, no driver installation needed anymore !


For details CM2 Max brochure, please  email:   Sales@Ontecgroup.com


CM2 Lite eArm ( New auto arm system )

The CM2 Lite eArm is an ingeniously designed IWB system based on
the popular CM2 Max ST120 Interactive Whiteboard System to provide
users with a stationary IWB option with yet the CM2 Lite eArm comes
in a unique streamline design with metal casing for maximum protection. 

Installation is extremely simple – the system can be mounted onto the wall and is ideal for school classrooms or halls with varying ceiling heights.

In addition, the CM2 Lite eArm has a brilliant receiver parking system.
This system delivers a secure and tidy-looking solution with the receiver arm rolled out using the software control when need to be used and rolled back into the mounting unit when not in use.  This in-built mechanized wonder running on USB power is guaranteed to make setup neat and easy.


For details CM2 Lite eArm brochure, please  email: Sales@Ontecgroup.com



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